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We are essentially a non-toxic gaming community offering gamers a home where they can be free from the toxicity that exists in a large amount of other gaming communities. We pride ourselves on this and the effect it has is unbelievable! We have turned into one big family, real friendships are made daily and we like to make people feel good. Our Discord link is below so come and check us out. Please note: This website is best viewed landscape or on desktop mode on handheld devices.


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Thank you for creating this fantastic community ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ†๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿป๐ŸŽฎ
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Awesome community G mate and proud to be part of it,hereโ€™s to 2020
michael russell
michael russell@mickrussell1969
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THANKS again bud to all the TSW Family the best community in the world
Amin Hasan
Amin Hasan@AminRasmiHasan
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I would like to thank @GCROCK6 and his community to help me out to beat @TheDivisionGame Raid for the frist time. GGs and great teams๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
[TSW] FiftyPence-
[TSW] FiftyPence-@_FiftyPence
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Great community and I'm so proud to be apart of it @GCROCK6 you guys are my family. We keep going, on to better things. If your not part of the community or @TheSecondWave1 here is the link, you will not be sorry. Love my TSW Family... https://discord.gg/f7K4k7Y
Boosted Gaming
Boosted Gaming@BoostedGaming8
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Absolutely smashed that 24 Hour Charity Stream Ending with a perfect Raid Completion with no Wipes... It was definitely a hard grind but everyone did a fantastic job and we pulled together as a community. Huge shout out to @TheSecondWave1 @GCROCK6 @teamtreesofficl
eclipse gaming โ„ข
eclipse gaming โ„ข@eclipsegaming74
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Big milestone there huge congratulations all them raid streams paying off and showing that tsw is one of best guilds in div2 congrats again bro keep it up this time next year you be triple this ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰
Nik Nik
Nik Nik@njm3266
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You and youโ€™re team @TheSecondWave1 are amazing @GCROCK6 I feel the same as @CaliCowboy_69 .. Thank you and canโ€™t wait to see whatโ€™s coming, anything I can do to help please drop me a message!


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Our 2019 Review โ€“ We Exploded! Thank You!

For those that read this I just want to start with the biggest thank you possible to you all. 2019 went far above my expectations for the channel and the community and without the support from you all it would not have been possible. In fact, without the support that you gave me, 2019 could have been a very different year. Read More

NightViolator and CrazeeTom 200th Dark Hours Completion

A huge congratulations to TSW clan members NightViolator and CrazeeTom on their 200th Dark Hours Raid Completion! The run was captured during a stream on the TSW channel by Ckerrian90. Watch Now

Agent Santa 2019 24-Hour Stream Challenge

Agent Santa 2019 24-Hour Stream Challenge: In this stream we did Operation Dark Hours on The Division 2 none stop to see how many we could complete in 24-hours. We had a lot of giveaways to give out to the community and one included an SSD if you could guess the correct amount of raids that we could do. We had so much fun doing this stream and I want to thank everyone who got involved and watched. Read More

DCD Headquarters Speedrun โ€“ The Division 2

Watch this DCD Headquarters Speedrun by R8RSGNTS, all credit for the editing of this video goes to TSW Admin Night-Violator. Watch Now

American History Museum Skill Build Speed Run

American History Museum: Watch this speed run of the American History Museum mission on The Division 2 with a skill build by Night-Violator. Watch Now

Conflict Rifle Build by CKerrian โ€“ The Division 2

Conflict Rifle Build: Check out CKerrians Conflict Rifle Build on The Division 2. In the video he shows you the build and some conflict gameplay. Watch Now

The Division 2 PVP with Tony Yayo โ€“ Conflict and DZ

The Division 2 PVP: The Division 2 PVP with Tony Yayo, in this video Tony is playing some conflict and DZ on The Division 2. Watch Now

The Division 2 Xbox Gameplay Walkthrough

This is my first ever stream on Xbox and I am going to play The Division 2 from start to finish in this stream series. We will be going from level 0 all the way to World Tier 5 and will be streaming every minute. It is great to finally be over on Xbox as well as PS4 and PC, and I look forward to playing and interacting with more of the community. Watch Now

Strudel’s Raid Clinic Phase 5 – Operation Dark Hours

Community Admin iHeartStrudel brings you The Division 2 Raid Clinics. In these clinics Strudel takes the time to arrange a team and take new people through an education course on The Division 2 raids from start to finish. These clinics are the most informative content on the web for The Division 2 raids and raid teams have been formed from them. Watch Now

Rags to Riches Charity Stream for #TeamTrees

In our Rags to Riches Charity Stream we did a 24-hour stream challenge on The Division 2, and we raised ยฃ1433 for #TeamTrees. #TeamTrees goal is to plant 20 million trees over the next few years in areas that need trees after the old ones have been killed off. Without trees life would be a lot diferent and we wanted to help towards planting those 20 million trees. For every $1 raised a tree would be planted so after the conversion we helped to plant over 1878 trees! Read More

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