The Second Wave

The Second Wave is a clan that was founded by GCROCK in March 2019 and managed by LadyM and Fifteens. It was originally set up for The Division 2 and we shaped our clan around the restrictions that The Division 2 gave us. We are #OneClan but have multiple branches of our clan across all platforms. While we are heavilly focused on The Division 2, we want clan members to branch off into other games as time goes on.

Our values are simple, we want to make as many people as we can feel included in our clan and community. Foundations have been built to allow for you to be a part of a community/clan where there is no toxicity, there are no targets to hit high XP, and nobody is judged. Our values have enabled people to join our community/clan who wouldn’t usually join because they can’t deal with the toxic nature that comes with gaming communities/clans. These people have gone on to make new friends and some are enjoying gaming like they have never done before. 

We are very proud of our clan and community and extend an open invite to anyone that would like to be a part of this. The Second Wave uses the GCROCK Discord community as its base and you will need to join us here to join our clan. The link to this community is: Don’t worry if you have never used Discord, you will soon get to grips with it and there are a lot of people to help. 

Our success as a clan has also been highlighted by Ubisoft, read our Clan Spotlight that we did with them:

Visit The Second Wave Channel

The Second Wave has its own YouTube channel which is owned by GCROCK. The vision of this channel was to get more members of the community involved in streams and content. The channel is managed by FiftyPence and Night Violator (Also responsible for all TSW GFX), and they have their own stream team who stream on the channel daily. The Division 2 is streamed most but other games are being introduced. The channel is growing rapidly and the team are doing great things, be sure to subscribe

All Clan Branches

The Division 2
TSW Bobcat
TSW Ghosts
TSW Hyde
TSW Killjoys
TSW Spectres
TSW Bullwalks
TSW Honeybadgers
TSW Int. Elites
TSW Raiders
TSW Wolverines
TSW Death Squad
TSW Hornedvipers
TSW Jekyll
TSW Sleeper Cell
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