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Hello everyone! I’ve been asked to do a write up regarding the new Clan break down, I will be going over things such as clan names, tags, CXP, whom you’ll need to have on your Friends list, and other things related. These things are aimed to make this transition smooth and prevent conflict within the Discord. Any one with any issues what so ever will need to come to myself, LadyM417. We are putting in a “chain of command”, however for the time being, these need to come through me.

To begin, as most of you know we recently had to restructure how we were handling the in game clan structure. Unfortunately some people saw favoritism in how the clans had been divided. This was never the case and the decision to restructure was made. The in game clans have been divided up such as.

  • Each of the 4 clans began with 3-4 TeamGC members. These members were chosen randomly to work with each other, and we did not have any say as to whom we were with. If a clan did not have enough TeamGC members, random community members were placed in that clan. Next we moved onto Family and Friends. Clearly, we wanted to keep people who know each other in real life and were either family or real-life friends. One of our amazing community members created a spread sheet with a randomizer to place the remaining community members. We personally feel that this worked out quite well, and so far have seen positive results.
  • Naming clans was also brought up as a possible issue. Initially we had Clan A, and Clan B. Where as this was aimed at a phonetic alphabet sequence some saw it as the A team vs. the B team. We decided that the sequential order was not going to work. We tried a few other options, but ultimately decided on clans beginning with TSW. Also, your clan tag must be TSW. This is the easiest way for other agents who are not in your clan. At the same time, your clan name must be appropriate. Nothing to the effect of “TSWthebest”. Most people have gone with names from Bosses in Division 1. You do not have to follow this trend. If your asked at a later time to lead a clan, your team name MUST be approved by a TeamGC member. This can be fun! Get your members involved! Vote on a name!
  • CXP. Here’s a difficult issue. Some of our clans are starting from ground Zero. The team did speak about dissolving both clans to put everyone on even playing grounds. However, as we all know GCROCK has worked endlessly on content and other in game things that can only be accomplished with a higher level clan. We decided for the sake of all his hard work, that the first two clans would remain. Now here’s where it gets tough. In clan, the higher level your clan, you get extra CXP for playing with other clan members. However, there is a catch. If your running with a member from each clan, you will not receive the extra percentage. Running with clan members in YOUR clan is the only way to guarantee the percentage bonus. If you’re trying to level up your clan, we highly suggest requesting another member from your group to run with. Do not let this deter you from running with others! I personally enjoy running with as many people as I can. Remember, we will all eventually have the same clan level. Please be patient if you’ve been placed in a clan beginning from scratch. We are working diligently to get everyone on par!
  • CLAN LEADERS AND THEIR SECOND IN COMMAND. Please add me as a friend on PS4 ASAP. I would prefer if possible that our XBOX an PC leaders add me on at least Discord. This way, if there are any issues, you have an easy, reliable way to contact me if necessary. CLAN MEMBERS. You need to make sure to add your leaders. This is not negotiable. It is your decision to add other players, but we are requesting that leaders and second in command be added. This way, if you’re not active in the discord, they can let you know about any changes taking place. Any cooperation is very much so appreciated. We often announce special streams in discord and other things, so please consider this.
  • Attitudes will not be tolerated. We are growing very quickly, and it will be impossible to not step on someone’s toes. If you and another agent have an issue, please, attempt to work it out amongst yourselves. If this proves to be impossible, once again, please contact my self. I’ve spoken fairly extensively about how to handle these issues with GCROCK and we have decided on a one strike policy. Most of you know that I can get along with just about anyone, however I will not, under any circumstances tolerate members bashing other members. You will get one warning, and you’re done. No questions asked.
  • Age restrictions are being implemented. Some of us have children that play this game. Most of us realize that the Discord and most Streams are quite Adult Rated. Right now we are preventing anyone from under 15 from joining the discord. I realize that we may already have a few members that are under this limit. These will be handled on a case by case basis. We do not need anyone telling us who our under age members are. We’re aware of whom they are and thank you for your concern. To conclude this, I will once again stress. We are one clan. Based out of discord. If you’re here to make leaderboards, you’re in the wrong place. We are about gaming and having fun. Meeting new people from across the world. This is a place where regardless of your age, race, gender, beliefs, whatever you can think of, we come together to game. We at TeamGC want this to be a positive environment for all, and we need all of you to assist in materializing this dream. We are a one of a kind place and strive to be the best out of them game. Thank you all for taking time to read this. Please react to the link provided in discord acknowledging you’ve read this and are agreeing to the rules set forth.


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