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The Division Battle Royale: What you are watching now is not your normal game of survival. Last week I hooked up with wizzie-33 (Thanks to Conky2k10) and we discussed an idea of mine. Wizzie then put his spin on it and we agreed to get this going. What you are watching now is the highlights from our version of The Division Battle Royale. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you may know that I have stated on numerous occasions, that Battle Royale needs to be in The Division! Yes, Survival is a fantastic game mode and serves as a sort of battle royale mode, but with no random spawns, no circle, loot always in the same place and no last man standing, to me, it really isn’t a battle royale mode. So I set some rules up to make for a proper game of Battle Royale on The Division and wizzie got the players together, with some help from Red Dot Society and Snake-DST.

We were not far off from maxing out the server and the first obstacle was to get us into the same lobby. Myself and Joyrider from the Red Dot Society have a lot of experience doing this so that wasn’t a problem, but we couldn’t manage the fact that other players that we didn’t want in, could join. We all got into the server and we played duos. The rules were simple, we split the round into 4 sections, the first being 15 minutes of farming and no killing. Then the next 15 minutes killing was aloud! At the 30 minute mark we entered another no kill phase but this time you had to make it to the extraction zone in DZ3 for the final battle which started on the 45 minute mark, imagining a circle took us there. We would then fight until the last team was standing, and then that team could extract from the DZ. No extraction was aloud to be called until you were the last alive!

Watch now to see how this went down, it was a hell of a lot of fun, you are going to want to see this. Later in the video is also highlights from the second game that we had of squads. A huge thank you and respect to wizzie for letting me use some of his twitch footage in this video. And a huge thank you again to wizzie, Red Dot Society, Snake-DST and everyone who got involved in making this happen. This is the most fun I have had in The Division! We will be bringing you The Division Battle Royale every Thursday, hit that sub button if you like and want to be involved in future Battle Royale’s! Show some love to the other guys that made this happen and check out the below links!


Red Dot Society


Conky2k10 has put together the entire 1st run on his channel, check that out here and give him a sub:

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