The Division 2 Kenly College

The Division 2 Kenly College Guide and All Collectibles

The Division 2 Kenly College Guide: In this guide you will find tips on how to complete Kenly College and how to get yourself the Diamondback Exotic Rifle. You will also be shown how to access the secret rooms, where the three backpack trophies are, and the location of all the Kenly college collectibles. Kenly College is a time sensitive expedition and will not always be available to play, Massive will normally announce the next date that it will open back up and you will need to wait for it to open if it is currently closed.  As always, The Division 2 is best played with a squad, if you need players to link up with then be sure to check out our friendly community:

The Division 2 Kenly College
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Kenly College Library Loot Room and Backpack Trophy

Kenly College Library: Each part of this expedition starts off with three ECHOS’s that you can interact with. Each ECHO must be completed to complete the area and move on. You are forced to play on Story difficulty the first time you play this so the NPC’s will be no problem at all and it will just be a case of getting the job done. Each ECHO sort of acts like a puzzle that you must figure out but none are too difficult and with a few tips you will be more than prepared. 

The Library is very straight forward, one task will have you following a cable on the floor to find an elevator which two tanks come out of. You will also be tasked to defend some things. Another challenge will have you chasing around valves which are all easy to find and are in the same room. The last task has you interacting with a switchboard and you must follow coloured cables and hit the switches in the right order, just hit the switch that links far left on the switchboard first and then work right and you are done. These can be done in any order and once complete you will be done with the Library. Watch the video above to find the location of the hidden loot room and backpack trophy. 

Kenly College Metro Loot Room and Backpack Trophy

Kenly Colege Metro: Again there are three more ECHO’s to work through and these are are just as straightforward as the last set bar the water pressure puzzle. One of the ECHO’s will have you defending things again and destroying stuff, another ECHO will take you to another switchboard where you must figure out which switches to press but look closely right in front of you and it tells you the two switches that need to be hit, and the final ECHO has you sorting the water pressure out. Without any clues it can be difficult to figure this one out but have a look around the room for all of the switches that you can interact with. Some switches have yellow and black hazard tape behind them and some don’t, just interact with all the switches with the hazard tape and you are good. Again, these ECHO’s can be completed in any order and in the video above I show you the location of the hidden loot room and backpack trophy. 

Kenly College Student Union Loot Room and Backpack Trophy

Kenly College Student Union: The final three ECHO’s that you need to complete in order to unlock the door to the Diamondback Exotic Rifle. These are a little different than what we have had so far, one ECHO presents you with two bosses called The Spitfire and The Kin, these bosses can only take damage from fire, flame grenades are your friend here but there are also a lot of things that blow up about the place to take advantage of. Another ECHO will have you tracing blood on the floor back to a body in the fridge, and the final ECHO will have you defending stuff again. You can find the location of the hidden loot room and backpack trophy in the above video. 

Once you have completed the Library, Metro and Student Union, the final area to the west of Kenly College will unlock and you can go and collect your Diamondback Exotic Rifle. Whats next? You are done with the Expedition and only have all of the Field Data collectibles left to get. The video below will show you all the locations of these collectibles. You may also want more Diamondback Exotic Rifles and if you do you will be happy to know that this can be collected each time the expedition opens up by completing the whole expedition again. If you don’t want any more Diamondback Exotic Rifles then there still is replayability with the Kenly College Mastery, once an area is complete you are able to replay it on a different difficulty with modifiers on and a time to beat to earn loot. These are fun and more information about the Kenly College Mastery is in another video below;

Kenly College Collectibles

Kenly College Mastery

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