The Division 2 Hunter Masks

The Division 2 Hunter Masks – Hunter Mask Guide

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Welcome to The Division 2 Hunter Masks Guide. Before you begin, please take note of a few tips to make this a bit easier. There are currently 12 masks available, and they each have different spawn points. These Hunters are very difficult, and it’s best if you don’t attempt them until you have a higher gear score. Most Hunters will only spawn after dark (19:00 hours game time).

NOTE: If you do die while fighting Hunters, they will not de-spawn. Fast travel to the nearest respawn point, and run back. Please also note that if you’re in a group, and a member goes down, and the Hunter is killed before they are revived, or respawn, the mask MAY NOT drop for that person.

These can also be quite time consuming, so make sure you’ve got a good time frame to do each of them. Running in a group will increase the Hunters HP so make sure you plan accordingly if you’re in a group. If you want people to play with be sure to check out our very active and friendly community:

The Division 2 Hunter Masks
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Ghoul Mask

Located in West Potomac Park. Find the underground entrance at 921 N / 1876 W. Find the room with two computers. Interact with the computer at 1182 N / 1743 W. Exit the underground and run to map location 992 N / 1957 W. There is a small stand with a flickering light. Shoot the light to trigger Hunter.

Wraith Mask

This Hunter spawns out of the Liberty’s Call safe house in the Southwest area. Find the monument located at coordinates 674 N / 4851 W. When night falls, shoot the light out and stand in front of the monument, out side of the pool. Salute the monument. The hunter should spawn shortly. If not, move slightly, and salute again.

Midas and Revenant Masks

These Hunters spawn together. In the West End district, there is a pool located at 2047 N / 1141 W. While standing in the pool, preform the Jumping Jacks emote. Both will spawn shortly.

Demon Mask

This Hunter is located in the Downtown East district. Enter the Metro building and go into the court yard inside the building at 1826 N / 3498 W. Looking up into the windows, you will see four targets. Shoot each target once. Hunter will spawn shortly.

Crimson Mask

Once again in Downtown East. Enter the Washington Gallery of Portraiture located at 1954 N / 3987 W. On either side of the court yard, are doors with desks just inside. Interact with the phone on the desk, and immediately run to the opposite side and interact with the phone on the other desk. The Hunter will spawn in the court yard.

Death, Diamond, Cross, and Phantom Masks

In the East Mall district, locate the Coffee shop at 1212 N / 3944 W. Take note of the dead Christmas trees in the pool, just outside the shop. After dark, interact with the switch on the side of the counter and go back to the Christmas Trees. Stand just inside the pool of water to activate three of the four Hunters. The fourth will spawn during or after the first three.

Specter Mask

Out of East Mall. Fast travel to the American History Museum. Just south you’ll notice a Contaminated Area located at 908 N / 3388 W. Once you’ve cleared out any NPC, using a single shot firearm, starting on the bottom from left to right, shoot all bottom panes of windows (including the one with yellow hazard plastic over it). Move up to the top row of windows. Again, left to right, bottom panes only, skipping those that DO NOT have glass. NOTE: Do not let your firearm auto reload. This will cause the hunter to not spawn.

Ghost Mask

Take control of, or fast travel to the Washington Monument Control Point. Once there, go into the supply area. You’ll see a small blue button with a tv just above. After 7 pm in game time, interact with this. The T.V. will light up, showing the locations of three graves. The graves can be found as follows

1- 1147 N / 2591 W, just outside the flooded levee control point facing the toppled shipping containers.
2- 1104 N / 3009 W looking towards the supplies on the monument.
3- 948 N / 2863 W looking at the side of the memorial that says “UNITE”.

Salute each grave in turn and in no particular order. Once all 3 have been Saluted, return to the supply room in the memorial. Interact with the button once again. The T.V. this time should light up with the orange Division ring. Exit and find the red circle of light outside the monument. The hunter will spawn for the final mask.

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