The Division 2 Hardcore

The Division 2 Hardcore Raid: My First Raid Completion

I want to start this post with a huge shout out to the guys that set this up, thank you for an amazing weekend with some great people. Aylenmassiff came to me on the 24th Jan with an idea, he and his group wanted me to jump back on PC, start a Hardcore character and then complete the raid with them. They would put in shifts to get me from level 0 to World Tier 5 in the one sitting, we would then come back to grind for a raid build together before taking on the raid. I had so much fun doing this, thank you all for setting this up;

  • @aylenmassiff
  • @del
  • @DarkWingz-SA
  • @scab1es
  • @PayneKiller
  • @Jasgalore
  • @jann1511(Skorp)
  • @Chibi Knight

This was my first experience of hardcore mode and I was left wanting more. I said it a few times during the stream, but the feeling I got from doing this is what I have been missing from the game. That feeling of always being on edge because at any moment your life could be taken, and you will have to start over. There were two casualties across the two streams and the first one came on Friday night when Jas went for some wine, he simply fast travelled to the White House and went to get a drink, the game put him outside of the mission we just did and his character with all those hours of work were gone. The feeling of a teammate losing their character is the worse but with great team spirit, they went back at it the next day and got Jas another raid ready hardcore character;

The Division 2 Hardcore
Jas gets a new hardcore character raid ready

There were many more scares but for the most part, we got to the raid without a struggle. Although the targeted loot was poor, we managed to grind out a very decent raid build which I was more than comfortable with. We did a practice run on our normal characters and absolutely smashed it, the same with our first hardcore attempt until DarkWingz died instantly on Razorback. The whole team were hit hard again, and it was completely against the run of play as we were so comfortable. We restarted the run, took a time out while Del jumped in, and then went again. This was a much more nervous run, as you can see in the highlights at the top, but we did it and it was an amazing team triumph.

The patch for completing the hardcore Dark Hours raid

Once the raid was complete we were relieved, and Chibi got his very first Eagle Bearer drop! The reaction was great. Scab1es also got one and shared it with me, but I am not sure if I would ever use it with the increased risk to death! Thank you all the same though! 

My hardcore Eagle Bearer from scab1es

I will finish on saying thanks again to an incredible team of people. I am wanting to do more on PC, and I look forward to running with you all again, I will get some streams planned for March and see if you are up for it. If you have not watched the highlight video then go and check it out, I also highly recommend a hardcore playthrough if you haven’t done it yet, it is so much fun and is a great thing to do with your friends. We will be starting our PS4 hardcore playthrough this month! Thanks for reading, my next blog post will be this weekend when I announce all the changes during our recent Discord maintenance.

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