The Division 2 Exotics Guide

The Division 2 Exotics Guide

The Division 2 Exotics Guide: In this guide you will find instructions on how to obtain every exotic in The Division 2. This guide is updated regularly and I will update it as new exotics are released. Farming these exotics with friends can make things a lot easier and if you need people to play with be sure to check out our very active and friendly community:

The Division 2 Exotics Guide
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Merciless Guide – Exotic Rifle

The Merciless is an RNG based drop and you can get it from any Hyena Missions that have Named Hyena Bosses. Jefferson Trade Center, Bank Headquarters, Grand Washington Hotel and District Union Arena will all work but it is very rare for the Merciless to drop and you will need patience. The best way to get this weapon is to grind through these missions over and over with a squad that already has it, if it drops for a squad member they can share it with you. 
The Division 2 Exotics Guide
Merciless Perks:

  • Binary Trigger: The weapons is equipped with a binary trigger that fires on trigger pull and release.
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Pulling the trigger fires primer rounds that stay embedded in an enemy. Releasing the trigger fires detonator rounds that detonate all primers on the enemy it hits. Each primer detonated gains +75% damage per primer detonated. Only one enemy can have primers and at most 5 primers can be embedded.
  • Brutality: While holstered, landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal +20% damage as explosive damage.

The Lost Chatterbox Guide – Exotic SMG

The Lost Chatterbox will require a lot of grinding and a lot of luck with RNG. Your first task is to get as many Hyena keys as possible, you can farm these from the underground, the raid, Named Hyena bosses and Hyena Bounties. With the keys you will need open the Hyena Faction Boxes that are dotted about the world and inside of missions. These Faction Boxes can randomly drop Exotic parts that are needed to craft The Lost Chatterbox, you will need to find the SMG Loaded Canister, the SMG Creative Magazine and the SMG Modified Mods. In the video above I advise that these can be found in specific areas and this seemed to work for me but I am certain that all three can drop from any Hyena Faction Box and it is just a matter of RNG. Use the video above to find locations of Hyena Faction Boxes, and once you have all three parts you can go and craft your Exotic SMG! Be sure to upgrade your crafting station to max before crafting the gun for maximum gear score. 
The Division 2 Exotics Guide
The Lost Chatterbox Perks:

  • Incessant Chatter: Each shot increases your fire rate up to 60 percent.
  • Box Magazine: Kills reload the magazine and give the weapon a buff. While the Box Magazine buff is active, hitting shots increases the magazine size up to double. Killing another target with Box Magazine active consumes the buff to fully reload the Chatterbox — including the buffed magazine size, making it possible to have 120 bullets in the clip.
  • Blabbermouth: Other weapon kills grant a rate of fire buff if they’re reloaded within five seconds of getting a kill. Only works if Chatterbox is holstered.

Kendra’s Liberty Guide – Exotic Pistol

The Kendra’s Liberty Pistol is an easy Exotic to get a hold of but some RNG does apply as you are going to need to find the standard version of the pistol which is a D50. The D50 pistol can drop anywhere so just keep an eye out for one and keep it when you get it, but you are also going to need these four parts;

  • Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism – Drops from Kendra Nelson the very first time to kill him on the Capitol Building Stronghold at level 30. 
  • Pistol: Receiver & Paint Job – Drops from Captain Briggs at the end of American History Museum (non-invaded) on hard in endgame.
  • Pistol: Sight & Rail – Drops from Carl Wade at the end of ViewPoint Museum (non- invaded) on hard in endgame.
  • Pistol: Grip & Tags – Drops from Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz at the end of Space Administration HQ (non-invaded) on hard in endgame. I believe these parts must be gotten in this order and the actual exotic blueprint will drop with this part.

Once you have all of the parts and the standard D50 you can head to your crafting station to craft the Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol, make sure the crafting station is upgraded to the max to get the pistol at max gear score. 
The Division 2 Exotics Guide
Kendra’s Liberty Perks:

  • Liberty: Gain +100% damage to hostile electronics. While aiming, enemy weak points and hostile electronics are highlighted.
  • Blind Justice: After destroying an enemy’s weak point or hostile electronics, your next bullet deals +500% weapon damage. If that shot kills an enemy, your magazine is refilled and grants +100% weapon damage for the entire magazine.
  • Independence: While holstered, destroying weak points refills 20% of your current weapon’s magazine.

Pestilence Guide – Exotic LMG

To get the Exotic Pestilence LMG you are going to need to head to the Dark Zone. This exotic is a random drop from Dark Zone Named Bosses and it will be contaminated when it drops which means you will need to extract it. Once extracted it is yours but it is quite a rare drop and you may need to do some grinding, I advise to just go from landmark to landmark until it drops and good luck dodging those rogues! 
The Division 2 Exotics Guide
Pestilence Perks:

  • Plague of the Outcasts: After hitting the same enemy 20 times, that enemy is inflicted with the Plague of the Outcasts. Whenever an enemy with Plague of the Outcasts is killed, they leave a toxic cloud for 10 seconds that deals 200% weapon damage per second to anyone inside and inflicts them with Pestilence.
  • Pestilence: This debuff reduces healing received by 50% for 10s. Whenever an enemy with Pestilence would be downed, they are instead instantly killed. The debuff is removed if the enemy is repaired to full armour.
  • Outcast Resilience: While holstered, gain 20% bonus armour for 5s whenever you are affected by blind, bleed or burning.

Sweet Dreams Guide – Exotic Shotgun

The Sweet Dreams is an RNG based drop and you can get it from any Outcast Missions that have Named Outcast Bosses. Potomac Event Center, Roosevelt Island and Federal Emergency Bunker will all work but it is very rare for the Sweet Dreams to drop and you will need patience. The best way to get this weapon is to grind through these missions over and over with a squad that already has it, if it drops for a squad member they can share it with you. Rumor also has it that playing on a higher difficulty will increase the drop rate. 
The Division 2 Exotics Guide
Sweet Dreams Perks:

  • Sweet Dreams: Landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armour and applies the Sandman debuff. Killing an enemy with the Sandman debuff reapplies this bonus armour.
  • Sandman: This debuff prevents the enemy from using armour kits and from receiving healing from any source.
  • Evasive: While equipped, dodging reloads 1% of your current weapon’s magazine.

Nemesis Guide – Exotic Sniper Rifle

The Exotic Nemesis Sniper Rifle is one of the best exotic weapons in the game. It is also a very easy exotic to get a hold of although it will take you weeks with the correct steps;

Step 1 (Marksman Rifle Scope – Tally): You will need to get this part before you do anything else and to do so you must be in World Tier 5. Once in World Tier 5 just complete the weeks Invaded missions until you unlock Tidal Basin. Start Tidal Basin and continue on until you reach a courtyard shortly into the mission, you are looking for Dock 01. The Barracks in here is where you can find a key to a hidden door, it is upstairs and it will be highlighted on your map with a yellow dot.  Once you have the key you will want to continue on until you enter the hovercraft later in the mission. In the hovercraft before you go back outside there is a locked door opposite to the door you use to go back outside, with the key you can open this door and loot a Adrestia SR1 from the loot box. Just dismantle this Adrestia SR1 to recieve the Marksman Rifle Scope – Tally.

Step 2 (Barrel, Bolt and Stock): Now that you have the Scope, these three parts become available and all you need to do is complete each of the three invaded strongholds on hard or above (part drops from boss). There is only one Invaded stronghold available per week so this can take some time but if you have just got the Scope you can knock one of the strongholds off right away by going back and replaying the stronghold on invaded and it will drop a part at the end. Once the Invaded Missions reset you will be able to get another part and then wait again for the last part;

  • Barrel – The Scourge comes from Capitol Hill
  • Bolt – The Scales comes from Roosevelt Island
  • Stock – The Bridle comes from District Union Arena

Step 3 (The Nemesis Blueprint): Now that you have all of the parts to make the Nemesis, the actual blueprint becomes available. You can only get this from an Invaded Grand Washingon Hotel and will have to wait for it to become invaded if it isn’t right now. Once invaded just start the mission on hard or above and kill the first boss called “Puck”, he will drop the blueprint. I have been told that this step can now be done during step 2 and you no longer need to wait to have all of the parts which could save a lot of time! I cannot confirm this though. 

Step 4: Now that you have everything needed to make the Nemesis you will need to go to your crafting station to craft it. Make sure your crafting station is upgraded to the max to get a max gear score Nemesis. 

Nemesis Perks:

  • Counter-Sniper: Shots fired deal 0-100% weapon damage based on how long the trigger is held before releasing. The time to reach max weapon damage is reduced whenever a shot does not kill an enemy it hits.
  • Nemesis: Aiming at an enemy marks them as your nemesis for 15 seconds, letting you see them through walls. Your shots gain 5% damage to your nemesis for each second they are marked, to a max of 50%.
  • Preparation: While holstered, gain 25% headshot damage when scoped with your current weapon

Exotic Holster Guide “Dodge City Gunslinger’s Exotic Holster”

To get the Dodge City Gunslinger’s Exotic Holster you are going to need to complete a set of tasks, some of these tasks will be easier with a aquad and you will want to be geared up for it;

Step 1: This step is nice and easy, you just need to purchase the Holster Intel from the blueprint vendor at the Base of Operations. It is really cheap and once bought you will have a new project to complete. 

Step 2: Head to the Riverside Gas Station Control Point and take it over at any level, if it is a friendly control point then you will need to wait for it to be taken over or use somebody elses map. Once you have taken over the control point you need to open up the rewards cache to get the Fast Leather Belt component.

Step 3: You now need to get the Ornate Leather Holster, Inverted Leather Holster, and Oiled Hammer Guards. To do this you will need to complete a Hyena, Outcast and True Sons control point that have all been levelled up to level 4. To level up a control point just complete activities that are attached to the control point you want to take over to make it level 4. If done correctly when the final boss comes in to attack the control point he will be wearing a cowboy hat, and when you kill him he will drop a part. You can work on one control point at a time until you have done all three and have all three parts. 

Step 4: You are not finished yet, head back to the Base of Operations to hand in your completed project and get another one. This time you will need to head East of the White House on the border of Downtown East, there is a bar (saloon) there where Black Tusk will spawn if you arrive at the right time. In the video above I show you this location and the best way to do it. Once you know the location just make sure that you arrive at the bar just after 12pm in game, you can wait down the road until it hits 12pm in-game (use the in-game photo mode to check the time) and then run up to the bar to spawn the enemies. Once they have spawned you know you have done it right and you just need to kill them all along with the named NPC for him to drop the Holster: Rind component.

Step 5: Head back to the Base of Operations again to hand in the completed project and you will now be able to craft the Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster. As always, make sure your crafting station is fully upgraded to craft the holster at max gear score. 

Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster Perks:

  • Sleight of Hand: +20% Accuracy
    +20% Stability
    +40% Reload Speed
    +400% Optimal Range
    +20% Revolver Damage
    Requires a Pistol to be equipped.
  • Quick Draw: Swapping to your pistol reloads all weapons.
  • Perforator: Shots fired from your pistol penetrate enemies.
    Pistol headshot kills grant +20% weapon damage and allows your primary and secondary weapons to penetrate enemies for 8s. This duration is increased to 11s when using a revolver.

Diamondback Guide – Exotic Rifle

You can unlock the Diamondback Exotic Rifle by completing the Kenly College Expedition. This should not prove too difficult but the expedition is not always available to play, you will need to wait for it to go live again if it is currently not available. Check out my Kenly College Expedition Guide for more information if needed. 

Diamondback Perks:

  • Agonizing Bite – The Diamondback will randomly mark an enemy by default. Shooting the marked enemy guarantees a critical hit with +20% damage. The weapon will then mark another enemy. Marks also change whenever you reload.
  • Deep Fangs – After you’ve hit five marked enemies you’ll gain 50% reload speed, 20% total damage, and 10 seconds of guaranteed critical hits. The count is reset if you miss a shot.
  • Shedding Skin – While the weapon is drawn, you gain 20% bonus armor for three seconds. While holsters, each time you reload/cycle your current weapon you gain 8% bonus armor for two seconds.

Exotic BTSU Gloves Guide

The Exotic BTSU Gloves are a random drop from any Black Tusk enemy. It is a super rare drop and most people find grinding Camp White Oak the best way to get these from the last Named Boss. They will not drop from Black Tusk enemies on the Dark hours raid but should drop on Tidal Basin or any other invaded missions along with Camp White Oak. The best way to grind for these would be in a squad of players who already have the gloves, this way they can share them with you if they get them. Happy Grinding! These took me ages!

BTSU Gloves Perks:

  • Elemental Gadgetry: Skills that apply status effects gain +50% status effect duration and +50% skill haste.
  • Energy Infusion: Whenever you apply a status effect, your gloves become infused with that for 60s. While infused, you gain +10% skill damage, +10% skill healing and repair and +10% skill duration for each Utility (yellow battery) on your gear.
  • Charged Proxies: Whenever you throw a skill, 1.25s after landing, it creates an explosion applying the infused status effect to all enemies within 6m. Enemies affected by the infused status effect take 50% more damage from your skills.

Eagle Bearer Guide – Exotic Assault Rifle

The Eagle Bearer at the time of writing this is the toughest exotic in the game to get a hold of. It is only available from the Dark Hours Raid and even then it is a very rare drop for some. I know players who have completed 100+ raids and still have not had the Eagle Bearer drop for them. 

There are four bosses in this raid (Boomer, Weasel, Lucy and Buddy, and Razorback) and they each have a very small chance of dropping the Eagle Bearer when they are defeated for the first time since reset. I have seen the Eagle Bearer drop from each boss so it can happen, but your best chance is to open the chest once the raid is completed as this has a higher chance of dropping it. You will need 5 keys to open the chest for that chance and that chance will only count once per raid, so if you have 15 keys saved up be sure to open up the chest three times across three completions, opening the chest three times aftter one completion will negate two chances. 

Completing the Dark Hours Raid is easier said then done and it is currently the toughest content that the game has to offer. You need an 8 person strong team that all have raid ready builds and know what they are doing. I have a Dark Hours Raid Guide if you want to read that. Another option is to join our community and go on our raid queue, we have helped hundreds of people across PS4, Xbox and PC to complete the Dark Hours Raid for the first time and have also dropped hundreds of Eagle Bearers for people. Join our queue and we will get you in for an Eagle Bearer run as soon as we can. 

Eagle Bearer Perks:

  • Eagle’s Strike: Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, up to 100%. Headshot kills grant +100% Reload Speed, +35% Damage, and the Tenacity buff for 10s. The strength of Tenacity is increased by 1% for body shots and 5% for headshots.
  • Tenacity: 20-80% of damage taken is delayed until the buff expires. All of the total delayed damage is reduced for each enemy killed while the buff is active, up to 100% with five kills.
  • Protected Fire: While holstered, gain +10% bonus armor while firing your current weapon.

How to get the Exotic Sawyer’s Kneepads

The Exotic Sawyer’s kneepads can literally drop from anywhere and is entirely based on RNG. Where other exotics have certain factions they will drop from, these will drop from any enemy in any mission, and will also drop in the open world. You can also find them in weapon caches or faction boxes. They are a rare drop though so some people may find them really easy to get, while others have a more difficult time. You can increase your chances of gaining these by using the targetted loot system, farm any area or mission that has a higher chance to drop kneepads and you will also increase the odds of finding these.

Sawyer’s Kneepads Perks:

  • Short Circuit: 80% Jammer Pulse Charge Speed.
  • First-Wave Tech: Disruption effects destroy hostile skill proxies. After staying in cover for 4 seconds you gain the Lead by Example buff.
  • Lead By Example: Gain 50% Bonus armor when performing cover-to-cover, If the distance traveled is at least 8m, disrupt all enemies within 10m and gain 10% (4% in PVP) bonus armor for each [Defensive Attribute] for 4s. The disrupt occurs 1 second after completing the cover to cover.

Chameleon Guide – Exotic Assault Rifle

The exotic Chameleon assault rifle came with TU7 (Episode 3) of The Division 2. The talents of this gun interest me and I will be looking to face it off against the Eagle Bearer to see which one that I prefer. This weapon can drop from any named enemy as members of the community have reported this, it seems a lot of people are having a lot of luck getting it from bounties (even normal ones). Another good method would be to focus on targetted loot missions for assault rifles as this increases the drop rate of assault rifles which will increase your chances. RNG will be RNG though, some people will have this within minutes, and others will take days.

Chameleon Perks: 

  • Adaptive Instincts: Hitting 30 headshots grants +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s
    Hitting 60 body shots grants +100 weapon damage for 45s
    Hitting 30 leg shots grants +150% reload speed for 45s
  • Overlap: When Holstered, gain +5% weapon handling

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