The Division 2 Eagle Bearer Guide
The Division 2 Eagle Bearer

The Division 2 Eagle Bearer

The Eagle Bearer at the time of writing this is the toughest exotic in the game to get a hold of. It is only available from the Dark Hours Raid and even then it is a very rare drop for some. I know players who have completed 100+ raids and still have not had the Eagle Bearer drop for them. 

There are four bosses in this raid (Boomer, Weasel, Lucy and Buddy, and Razorback) and they each have a very small chance of dropping the Eagle Bearer when they are defeated for the first time since reset. I have seen the Eagle Bearer drop from each boss so it can happen, but your best chance is to open the chest once the raid is completed as this has a higher chance of dropping it. You will need 5 keys to open the chest for that chance and that chance will only count once per raid, so if you have 15 keys saved up be sure to open up the chest three times across three completions, opening the chest three times aftter one completion will negate two chances. 

Completing the Dark Hours Raid is easier said then done and it is currently the toughest content that the game has to offer. You need an 8 person strong team that all have raid ready builds and know what they are doing. I have a Dark Hours Raid Guide if you want to read that. Another option is to join our community and go on our raid queue, we have helped hundreds of people across PS4, Xbox and PC to complete the Dark Hours Raid for the first time and have also dropped hundreds of Eagle Bearers for people. Join our queue and we will get you in for an Eagle Bearer run as soon as we can. 

Eagle Bearer Perks:

  • Eagle’s Strike: Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, up to 100%. Headshot kills grant +100% Reload Speed, +35% Damage, and the Tenacity buff for 10s. The strength of Tenacity is increased by 1% for body shots and 5% for headshots.
  • Tenacity: 20-80% of damage taken is delayed until the buff expires. All of the total delayed damage is reduced for each enemy killed while the buff is active, up to 100% with five kills.
  • Protected Fire: While holstered, gain +10% bonus armor while firing your current weapon.

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In this video I discuss how you can get the Eagle Bearer in The Division 2. The Eagle Bearer is an exotic assault rifle and is probably the best weapon in the game. It is also a very tough weapon to get but we are helping members of our community get in with official community community raid teams. Join our community to add yourself to our queue and get involved in our LFG raid channels for a chance to run with other community members.

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