The Division 2 Dark Hours

The Division 2 Dark Hours Guide – The Complete Guide

The Division 2 Dark Hours Guide: This is the complete guide to the Dark Hours raid on The Division 2 and covers everything from raid bosses, to builds, and then commendations. This is the toughest content in the game and without a good team of people to play with you will find it next to impossible, because of this we have set up raid queues for PC, PS4 and Xbox in our community. Getting on these queues will get you a first time completion and we also take people through for Eagle Bearers. The queues are packed so patience is needed but we have helped hundreds and hundreds of people across all three platforms so come and join us in the community and get yourself added to our queues:

The Division 2 Dark Hours
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In this section is extended guides for commendations, raid keys and backpack trophies. If you are just starting out you only need to check out the Raid Key Locations, Bear Locations and Backpack Trophies as these are easy enough to get while you are learning the raid. The rest are best to come back to once you are comfortable with completing the raid. There is also a commendation for completing the raid on Discovery Mode and Hardcore Mode. 

Step One – Prepping for the Raid

This is the most important step if you want to get a successful raid clear but also be able to grind the raid for the rewards. Ideally you will get a group of 8 people together and work together to get raid ready. For every person short of the 8 needed you will need to rely on others to fill spaces when it comes around to doing it and this is then pot luck as to if these people will be ready or even helpful to the cause. We do have LFG channels in our community to fill these spaces though and members of our community are completing raids all of the time but if you are unable to get a minimum of four people to work on this, you will find it extremely difficult and would be better off linking up with others looking to fill raid slot spaces, or joining our raid queues. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Once you have your team together you are going to want to work as a team to make sure everyone is raid ready, and what this means is, you are going to want to make raid builds. My video above is well out of date and showcases my very first raid build but it is still worth a watch as my current raid build is very similar with changes made because of updates. I will get a new video done after the next update when I know what further changes I need to make. A safe build for the raid is a Perfect Unbreakable build, you want to aim for around 300k armor and 100k health, and you want to be hitting close to 30k damage on an LMG or 26k+ on an assault rifle. On my current build I also have Spark on my backpack to give me more damage. Please note; this is not a build you would want everyone to have once you are comfortable with Dark Hours as to make things a lot easier you will make higher DPS builds to fly through it but this is not advised when just starting out. When starting out this build is perfect for a team to learn the raid and get a completion, you can then use this build to get more comfortable with Dark Hours while you make those better builds to improve your times. 

Step Two – Boomer!

Now that you have a team of 8 all with raid ready builds you are ready to take on the raid. Before starting it up though you want to arrange signature weapons among your team, two will want to have a crossbow on and then the rest will use sharpshooter. You should make sure you have the specialization you are using fully upgraded to make things easier.  Skills can also make things a lot easier and I would advise everyone to run with a Reviver Hive and the healing Chem Launcher.
The Division 2 Dark Hours
You may have seen videos where people are killing Boomer in one shot but we won’t be discussing how to do this today as that comes later with the better builds. Before you get to Boomer you will take on what we call the tarmac, this is a very easy section where you just kill enemies before entering the airport and facing Boomer. In Boomers room you will notice two guns, one is near a door signed as 41, and another is near a door signed as 45. You will also notice a structure in the center that has four big screens attached to it and four laptops labelled A to D. There are also four immunizer towers which are in each corner of the room. Take your time at this point to get familiar with the layout as there are no enemies and make sure everyone is aware of the plan to kill Boomer. The video above can give you some visual advice.
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Once ready you will want to have one person situated on the gun at 41 and one person on the gun at 45. In sync take out the four immunizer towers to start off the boss fight. Once the immunizer’s are destroyed you will have some enemies to kill that appear from each corner of the room, work together to kill these. As soon as they are all dead Boomer will make an appearence by breaking through a door opposite to where you entered earlier. At this point you will want to have one person allocated to the gun at 45, one person allocated to protect the person at 45 from enemies to the right of that person that will spawn in, and one person allocated to getting Boomers aggro from the get go. Everyone else will be around the area of the gun at 45 just focussing on other enemies. The person getting Boomers aggro needs to be quick, DO NOT shoot his chest that is lit up green because at this point it is pointless and just slows things down, instead shoot him anywhere but his chest to get his eye (a red eye will appear on your screen if he is attacking you) and he will chase you. Move away from the gun at 45 so that Boomer reveals his huge backpack to the person on the gun, it is at this point the person on the gun can shoot his backpack to take Boomer to his knee, this is the only way to get him to his knee so that you can cause some damage but try not to overheat the gun if you miss some shots. It is also a good time for the person with Boomers aggro to shoot his green chest now that he is in position (If you do not shoot this you won’t do much damage and he will heal himself). Once he goes to his knee there needs to be a shout so that everyone knows and then everyone needs to shoot at his head to cause damage, good damage at this point is 1-2 bars of armor. It is also okay for the person on the gun to ignore Boomer when he goes down and make their way to the gun at 41 in the opposite corner of the room, be sure to move clockwise and take enemies as you go. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Once Boomer stands back up, all players need to move clockwise to the gun at 41 killing enemies as they go and Boomer will follow. The person who was on the gun at 45 will normally get the eye which is why it is good for them to move to 41 straight away so Boomer moves faster. You are now going to do the same again, one person who does not have the eye needs to be allocated to the gun at 41, and whoever has the eye needs to bring Boomer in front of the gun and move away from it so he shows his backpack to it. Be sure to watch out for his chest as this will go green again before you get him to the gun and the quicker you shoot his chest the less health will be restored. Everyone else at this point should all be around the area at 41 killing other enemies. A clear shout is needed again when Boomer goes to his knee and this time everyone needs to be shooting his head, the person on the gun can use the gun to do some good damage. When he stands back up he should be close to half of his armor remaining if you have done well but don’t worry if there is a bit more, it is just going to take a few more rotations. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
If going well you are now going to experience your first laptop sequence. It doesn’t change much though, as Boomer is getting back to his feet everyone needs to rotate clockwise again taking out enemies as they go until everyone is at 45 again. The person with the eye needs to again bring Boomer over and get him in front of the gun with his backpack facing it, and someone without the eye needs to be on the gun. Everyone else will be clearing enemies and dealing with the laptops. Try to time it so the laptops are dealt with before you take Boomer down so that everyone can again focus on Boomers head to cause more damage. You will hear a loud alarm when the laptops are up and on the four big screens will show which laptops need to be interacted with, at this point it is one to three laptops depending on the amount of damage you have done. Have someone look at a screen and call out which laptops need to be interacted with, everyone except the person with the eye, and the person on gun duty need to make sure these laptops are hit quick to keep the immunizer towers down, if you fail they will reappear and must be destroyed again before taking Boomer down and this can be tricky. Oh and I forgot to say his chest will go green again on the way over to 45 so the person with the eye must deal with this asap so that he doesn’t heal much. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Assuming all goes well the laptops will be dealt with and you just need to take Boomer down again to cause damage. He should only have around two bars of armor left once he stands back up but again, if it is more don’t worry as it just means an extra rotation. Take him back to 41 repeating the process earlier to do damage again. There is a chance that this will be the last damage phase and Boomer will be dead but it is more likely that he will have a small amount of armor left that needs to be dealt with and you will need one final rotation to 45 to get the job done. If his armor is one bar or less you can repeat the rotation process to 45 ignoring the second laptop sequence as long as you are quick. You will kill Boomer before the immunizer towers come back up and then it’s easy enough to take them back down and clear all the ememies to clear the area. If Boomer has two bars of armor on this rotation then you will want to deal with the laptops again before doing damage to Boomer and then doing one final rotation to 41 to finish him off. If you have done poor with destroying his chest when he is healing, or if you haven’t been doing enough damage, it could take many more rotations, eventually boomer will destroy one of the guns leaving you only one to use, and then he will eventually destroy that too which will result in a wipe.
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Obviously all this is easier said then done and it is going to take some practice with your team. Some other tips;

  • When rotating clockwise be sure to move as a team and around the edges of the room as this is where the enemies are and they are easily killed with focus fire. By running through the middle you are just by-passing enemies and they will start to build up, plus Boomer is a pain when in the center and you are trying to deal with laptops. If you have the eye do not go near the center!
  • The Chem Launcher heals are OP! they are practically an unlimited supply with very low cooldown rates and if all team members are dropping these as you are around the gun areas waiting on Boomer, you will be greatful for them. 
  • Only revive people with the Reviver Hive, once you have revived them you can pick it back up and use it again if needed. Do not interact to revive someone as this in effect takes two people out of play and it could be a moment where that causes a wipe. There is no need for manual revives at all if you all have Reviver Hives, shooting and reviving at the same time is the best policy. 
  • And finally, if at any point in this raid you are not shooting at something (except for parts of the Weasel boss) then there is something to be shot so find it! Just hanging around waiting on Boomer to go to his knee is just letting enemies build up around you. Shoot at enemies and kill them until you hear the Boomer down shout and then shoot at Boomers head before continuing with other enemies again. 

Boomer is a great DPS check for this raid. If you can get passed Boomer then you should be good for the raid although things do get more difficult. If you feel Boomer is far too tough then it will be because too many people are running with none raid ready builds and this will need sorting. If you feel it is just a case of learning the mechanics and you need more practice then the Discovery difficulty of the raid will give you the opportunity to get a feel of it with it being much easier, it’s worth doing anyway as it will get you a commendation on completion. Check out my video below to see how the Discovery Raid is different than the normal one;

Step Three – Weasel!

This becomes the easiest boss on the raid once you have a person running a decent Aces and Eights build and everyone shooting with the Nemesis Sniper Rifle. Briefly for those wondering why, you have one person go down A and the other seven go down B. You proc Aces and kill Ricochet within seconds, then the player on A joins everyone at B and you kill Dizzy on the next orange gas, again with the aces proc and Nemesis Sniper Rifles. Then on the next Orange or the same one depending on how well you all shoot, you will kill Weasel and the job is done in minutes. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
We are going to assume you don’t have an Aces build in your squad though because if you did you probably wouldn’t be reading this. So I will talk you through how to do this with eight raid ready builds as discussed earlier. Lets go back a bit to the end of Boomer, after defeating him you want to pick up the first of five raid keys. Directly in the next section when you go through the door that Boomer broke through you will notice a door on the left side with a padlock on, shoot this padlock off and you will find a switch. Wait for somebody else to find the switch that is near a room with shutters down on the right side of this section, and once in position you want to hit the switch behind the padlocked door first and then the other person needs to interact with the other switch and keep the interact button held while loads of flying drones appear. Have everyone else at this point shoot the drones and once the person interacting with the second switch is done, the shutters will open and you will find the raid key in the far corner in a box. There is a bug where this box will be open and to fix this you just have to fast travel back to the Base of Operations and then back, and you will be able to collect it. Be warned; if anybody opens the double doors at the end of this section before the switches are done, they will no longer work and you would have to start over to get this key. Four of the five raid keys can only be collected once per week so if you have already got the key that week the box will be open because you need to wait for the refresh. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Continue on to the Weasel boss room and there will be a laptop to hit. This will close the door behind you and open up two elavator shafts. To the right is what we call B, and to the left is A. Split your team up so that four people go down each side and you now have time to scope the area out. Notice in the middle that there is a plane and the far side of each section is a good area for cover with other bits of cover dotted about the place. The far sides of each room (away from the plane) are the best areas to take cover but good cover is also available for one or two people at the back center of the rooms, furthest away from the windows to the room where you hit the laptop, in fact if you are working on the switches the back of the room is best to take cover and others should stay away from you so you don’t get aggro. That brings us onto the switches, there are three switches either side of the plane and you want to allocate a player each side to these. One side will have a screen that is green and the two people in charge of the switches need to coordinate to hit the correct switches at the same time. The best way to coordinate these is to call the switch closest to the front of the plane front, the switch in the middle should be called middle, and the switch to the back of the plane should be called back. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Once everyone is in cover and happy, the two people on the switches will both hit their switch to start the boss fight. As I said earlier one of the screens on one of the sides will be green and that’s the one that needs to be hit. The person on the side with the green switch will callout where it is and get ready to interact while the person on the otherside will get into place, there is room for error so just do a quick 3,2,1 go and you will notice gas starts to fill the room and two bosses will jump through the windows up top from the room that you hit the laptop in. If you do it wrong you will have to wait a few seconds and try again but it is simple mechanics. A boss called Dizzy will appear on A side, and a boss called Ricochet will appear on B side. As with Boomer these bosses will lock onto players and they fire explosives at the person they are locked onto so if you have a red eye on your screen just keep moving or get cover between you and that boss. They will change who they are targetting regular so keep an eye on that and try to keep the people running the switches aggro free. If the people on the switches get the eye then someone else can try and get it by landing loads of shots into the boss but you are going to interact with the switches a few times so be ready to help the switch person out if the switches are needed to be hit and they have the eye. There will also be snipers up top from where the bosses dropped and some other enemies about but as long as your cover is good you only really need to focus on the bosses unless others get close to you. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
We need to discuss the gas and how that works as this is important to understand. After you hit the switches and the bosses drop you will have one side of the room in orange gas and one in purple gas. The orange gas means that you will be causing damage when you shoot and you will do more damage as the orange gas effect stacks, the purple gas means you will not be doing as much damage as usual and you do even less as that stacks. The stack goes up to 20 and you will see this stack on screen rising up and it is the people who are managing the switches that have control over this. If you let the stack go to 20 then people in the orange gas will start to have mega interferance and confusion, while the people in the purple gas will start to lose health (it by-passes your armor and takes straight from your health). It is good practice to call for a switch change when the stack is at 12 and this will reset the stack but also switch the sides of the room that the gasses are on so if you were in orange gas, you will now be in purple and vice versa. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Now that you know all of the mechanics you need to kill these bosses while staying alive. A good tactic is to get both bosses down to just their health so that all of their armor is gone. Just talk to each other and keep switching the gasses around so that both sides can work on their bosses equally. When both bosses have no armor we like to hit the switch one more time as there is a few seconds here where good damage can be done to both bosses, we chose to kill Ricochet first and then Dizzy seconds later. Once the first boss dies, Weasel will jump down from the opposite side of the room to where that boss dies, so killing Ricochet first means Weasel will drop down from A side. A side need to be very quick at this point to finish Dizzy off and then everyone has to make their way over to B side to join the others in the far side of the room where there is great cover. “But there is a plane in the way?”, the plane rises up when the first boss dies.
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Now it is time to kill Weasel, the whole floor will be covered with purple gas and you no longer have control of this but it just keeps going from purple to orange and back again, and so on until Weasel is dead. When the floor is purple it is a great time to revive people, heal yourself and just chill to be ready to do damage when the gas is orange. If you do all this correctly you will have a little bit of time as Weasel needs to walk all the way over to B and by then the gas will be orange and you will be doing damage to him. Take note; the gas will reach full stack now so there will be times when your health will drain for a few seconds but if you have around 100k health you will hardly notice it. Everything else is pretty much the same, Weasel will lock onto people so keep moving if it is you and snipers will be about with other enemies. If you are all in the far side of B you shouldn’t need to worry about the snipers or other enemies that much unless they come in there with you, or if you decide to wonder out into the middle of the room. Weasel does also have a sticky bomb in his arsenal and he will use it! There is nothing you can do about it and he will just plant it on you but with the Unbreakable build advised you will survive it. We find it best that the person who gets stickied stays still while the others move out of the way as it is much easier this way then the person with the sticky moving out of the way, as you tend to just run into people anyway. You will have a few seconds before it goes off so if the person next to you gets stickied, they should stay still and you should get out of the way, unless you are confident that your armor is strong enough to take it and you like your spot. 
The Division 2 Dark Hours
As Weasel gets closer to you he will enter that far side of the room with you and he can do mega damage to you when here. A good rule of thumb is to have anyone who gets his eye to get up in his face when he is in the same area as you (don’t leave the area you are in and only do this when he is there with you), and keep barrel rolling around him. He doesn’t really know how to respond to this and attempts all sorts including a flash stomp which is harmless. While the people being aggro’d from Weasel dance with him the others can do damage and he will eventually die leaving you to mop up on the remaining enemies with no more gas about. 

Further tips;

  • I mentioned this on Boomer and will mention it again, use chem launcher heals regular! These are OP when all players are using them. 
  • I also mentioned this on Boomer, use reviver hives to revive people who go down because manual revives take two players out of play and when everyone has a hive to do that, there is just no need to do it manually. 
  • And don’t wonder in the middle of the room by yourself, you will die. 

Step Four – Lucy and Buddy!

Lucy and Buddy will take a lot of practice to get right as it needs everyone to be comfortable with the mechanics but before we get to that you have a backpack trophy and two more raid keys to collect. From the Weasel room you will go up an elevator shaft and go across the plane, once you climb up the otherside there is a doorway to go through to continue. Instead of going through this doorway keep going to the end of the walkway and there is a platform with black crates on it and a blue bear on the floor. Search these black crates to get a backpack trophy. From here continue through the doorway and climb down a rope, there will be drones and enemies to kill. Once all of these are dead some doors open ahead and you need one or two people to be super quick here to run through and continue on into the next area. Once there just keep running and head for the elevator at the far side of the room. The doors to the elevator will be slowly closing and you need to get inside of it before they do close for a raid key, if you are too slow you won’t be able to try again until you restart the raid. Assuming you make it, pick up your key, hit the button to open the doors and then deal with an easy battle against some enemies and dogs (These will be about as you run for the elevator to begin with). Everyone else will now be able to enter the elevator to collect their keys in their own time. Once this area is all clear of enemies head backwards from where you came and notice some double doors on the left side in the contaminated area, there is space above these doors to throw a concussion grenade through which will blow the doors open and reveal another raid key. Everyone should have picked up a backpack trophy and three raid keys at this point.
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Now move onto the Lucy and Buddy room, there is a switch at the far end of this room that will start off this boss fight and once hit you cannot go back so be sure everyone does have their keys before hitting it. You will want to know how to do this fight too before hitting that switch so hold fire. As you enter this room Lucy is locked behind shutters on the left side and Buddy is locked behind shutters on the right side. You will want to decide on who goes where with three people going Lucy’s side and five people going to Buddy’s side. You are not able to get into position until the button is hit to start the fight so hit that and the shutters will open both sides and the dogs will make their way to the center of the room. You have about 10 seconds or less to take position at this point.
The Division 2 Dark Hours
Lucy: She is the more difficult one to deal with and hits a tad harder. The fact only three of you are working on her makes it a bit more tougher but she does have less HP.  Imagine looking directly at Lucy’s room that she comes out of, you will want someone in cover on the left side of the room, the right side of the room, and the back center of the room but straight after the shutters open, the person allocated to the back center will use the cover right outside of the room near the center. Lucy will head to the center of the room to meet up with Buddy and she will do her signature attack which is a 360 turret that is a one shot kill to all agents. Everyone, including the Buddy people will need to be in cover and out of the way of this turret. Once she finishes the person allocated to the center will shoot at lucy and move backwards into position, bringing Lucy with them. The people in cover on the right and left will also shoot her to make sure she comes back into the room. Once there it is just a case of managing her health bar and her aggro with the person having the red eye being the person with the aggro. She will snipe at you and she will perform that 360 turret again and again, when she does take cover and let the Buddy people know so all them can take cover too! This is pretty much it and a great tactic to play here is to keep her moving from one side of the room to the other in between the person on the left and right cover. When you get the eye stop shooting so she aggros the other person on the other side and vice versa. The person in the center does the same and keeps a close eye on Lucy and Buddy’s health bars (we will talk about that in a bit). Shoot when you have no aggro and defend when you have aggro is a good policy. 

Buddy: The easier of the two but he has more HP and heals himself so it is tougher to manage his health bar. Buddy also snipes at you when you have the aggro and lets off this gas when he is near to you which we call a mechanical fart. Positioning is important on Buddy as it is with Lucy, and once the switch is hit to start the boss fight you all want to get to cover quickly. Imagine looking directly at Buddy’s room that he comes out of, you will see an area to the right that is very secluded behind a big wall which has a for sale sign on the opposite side. Don’t mistake this for the far right of Buddy’s room, it is pretty much central, just right of where Buddy is positioned before you hit the switch. There is plenty of cover here that will protect you from Lucy’s 360 turret and it is a great place to get Buddy to come back to. At the start Buddy will go and meet up with Lucy in the center while she does her 360 thing, stay out of the way of this and then when she is done you need somebody to shoot Buddy quickly to get his attention and bring him back into the room. Once he is there it is just a case of managing his health, dealing with his heals and dodging Lucy’s turret but there should always be a big wall between you and her so you should be safe. Whenever Lucy does her turret Buddy will go to his knees and let off seeker mines, they are more annoying than anything and he will get back up and heal the second Lucy stops doing her turret.

There are no other enemies and you just need to kill both of these dogs. There is a timer and you have about six or seven minutes to kill them. Sounds easy right? Well, the catch here is that you must keep Lucy and Buddy’s health bar within a segment that you can see at the top of your screen. This starts off quite large but as you bring their armor down, the segment gets smaller. Now if you can manage these bars well then it is very easy to complete but just one mishap and you will all be pulled from your positions, the dogs will get a mind of their own and it just gets messy. The segment works both ways and if one armor bar leaves the segment left or right, the dogs attempt to meet back up in the middle and heal one another back to full health, all while they are still doing 360 turrets, snipes and gas clouds. You can correct this one of two ways if it happens, and I prefer the way of regaining control of the health bars. It is normally someone shooting Buddy too much or Buddy healing too quick that messes this up, so if he is healing too much just give a shout to stop shooting Lucy and lay into Buddy until the health bars are corrected and they will behave again. If you shoot him too much you must stop shooting buddy right away and let the Lucy people know that she needs bullets and quick, if done quick enough they will go back to behaving. You want to stick in the segment as much as possible though because the more you go out of the segment the more moving around the dogs do and the more difficult they become to manage. 

The second option to fix a mishap is to use the laptops that are in the center of the room. This is far more difficult to do though, however if somebody can hit the laptop closer to the switch you hit to start the fight, they will get Lucy’s aggro and stop them from healing each other. If someone hits the laptop opposite to this one they get Buddy’s aggro and they stop healing. It is a mechanic you really shouldn’t need to use though and eventually you will become pros at managing the bars. Clear shouts to tell people to stop shooting Buddy, and start shooting buddy are needed all the way through, and shouts to stop or shoot Lucy are needed now and then aswell. Everyone will be able to keep an eye on the health bars as everyone gets more comfortable and it does become easy. 

The last part to learn is to know when to go for the kill. We normally work together to get Buddy’s armor bar down to one and a half bars, at this point you wait until Lucy goes to do her 360 turret and then call to finish Buddy. Everyone on Buddy just has to keep shooting at this point and you will proabably break the segment but you have time as Lucy is doing her 360 turret and when he is dead you are golden. Make sure Buddy dies first and then Lucy is an easy kill, if Lucy dies first then Buddy just goes into a meltdown and constantly heals making it very difficult to kill him and you may have to wipe and start again. 

Further Tips;

  • You already know what I am going to say, chem heals and revive with reviver hives!
  • LMG’s are great for this battle as you can sustain fire for longer periods when needed. 

Step Five – Razorback!

Razorback is no joke and requires a lot of practicing and patience but first, another raid key! On your way out of Lucy and Buddy’s room you will come through to a terminal where you need to go right and drop down back onto some tarmac, but instead of going right when you reach the terminal, go left. All the way towards the back on the left will be your fourth raid key. If you forget about this you can wipe on the tarmac to go back up top to get the key.


Razorback Map

Now is the real test! I have created the work of art above to help explain this one. Briefly, you basically kill enemies, work on Razorback’s week points and do damage. You have two damage phases per side before killing him and destroying the terminals in an order to finish the raid. In between you have Boomers that want to mess with your day and swarms of drones that can be as annoying as the domestic wasp. An Aces and Eights build really does help matters here as it allows you to one-phase weak spots to go straight into damage phases but not having an Aces and Eights build is not the end of the world and just means more phases and a longer time to complete.

Before you even drop down to the tarmac you will want to discuss your positioning. We always have one of the people with a crossbow working the generator at 4 or 1, and the other person with the crossbow on the generator at 2 or 3. You will want to cover the other two generators with people and then have a person cover each person on the generators. You end up with two people in each corner. Generator 2 is well known for being the most difficult to manage due to the lack of good cover, generator 1, 3 and 4 are all as difficult as each other but people on 3 and 4 tend to be affected more by drones. There are two points of interest marked on the piece of art above, and these are for the people who are working NPC’s (Not on generators) on 3 and 4. On 3 you have a staircase which is perfect to sit on and control NPC’s (This is also where an Aces and Eights person would go), and on 4 there is also an overwatch which is perfect for the person controlling NPC’s to sit on and do good stuff (Another good place for someone with Aces and Eights). If you are managing NPC’s on 1 and 2 then you just need to deal with the cover that is around you. Everyone should also be instructed to equip concussion grenades in case they are needed. And as always, chem launcher heals and the reviver hive are OP! Use them!

First things first, you want to drop down to the tarmac and deal with the enemies present without entering one of the four circles that you can see on my art. If you are not confident with Razorback and somebody accidently enters a circle then just wipe and go again because you will be giving yourself more work to do when it is not needed. Once all the enemies are clear you will all take positions, again without entering any of the circles. A person will be allocated to each generator and they will have a person each to keep them covered.

Once everyone is ready for the battle ahead have one person call 3,2,1, in. The four people on the generators will all enter their generator circles at the same time to start the timer and loads of enemies will now spawn in. There is a lot of room for error here and the timer goes from 0%-100% and is visible on each generator, as long as everyone is in the generator circles (Not the NPC control People) and are all within 20% of each other you are fine but anything more than this and you will all just get blasted with rockets and will have to wait to go again. You can correct it though by having people leave and re-enter the circles as the timer stops when you leave but as soon as one hits 100%, everyone else must be within 20% of that. The best policy here is to just take your time and enter the circles as close together as possible, i’d say you have 2-3 seconds from the moment the first person enters for everyone else to get in. If at any point during this battle you fail the generators, just cancel them, clear NPC’s and wait for the Boomer. Once the Boomer is done, get the generators back on the go ASAP, i’d say you have about a 6-8 second window from Boomer dying to all of you being in the generators to make this smooth. If you take longer than this to get back on the generators after a Boomer then you are risking having to deal with a Boomer while still working on Razorback and that is not good.

So you have now managed to hit 100% on the generators while the NPC people have been kicking NPC ass (You can also help with NPC’s from generators but just be ready to go at 100% and do not leave your circle!). Razorback will start to open up and if you look to the center of him on both sides you will see a grill that needs destroying. Have the crossbow people on each side deal with this grill with a single crossbow (if you are out of crossbows everyone on your side has to shoot the grill and it takes a lot longer to do), and then the other person on each side (opposite generator) needs to throw a concussion grenade in the new hole that is coloured red. Other grenades will not work and if at any point during this battle you run out of grenades, shout it out so someone else can clutch it. There is room for error but very little at this point as a Boomer is lurking! The grenades also have a tendancy not to work but you know all is good when you see the hole turn green. Once both sides are green, Razorback will fully open up and the circles on the generators will vanish which means the generator people are free to move again. 

Before we continue we need to discuss drones. As soon as all four generators reach 100% you are going to be swarmed by them as they are all released from Razorback. A good tactic here is to have the person on overwatch at 4, and the person on generator 3 to soley focus on these drones to pull them away from everyone else. if done right it allows things to run smooth. Everyone else should still shoot a few as they make there way to the weak spots.

Back to the fight, the circles have vanished and it is time to do some weak spots. Always head to the south side first and everyone who is able to should be getting their sharpshooters out to destroy the weakspots. Look up at Razorback on the south side and he has one weakspot pointing out on the left and one on the right. Have an equal amount of people both sides and do as much damage as possible! Without the Aces proc you should get over half the damage done on each side. You are timed and an alarm will signal the end of this phase, the second you hear this alarm or even a second before just start running back to your allocated corners. Rockets will come in that cause a lot of damage and they will hit twice so try and dodge these by dodging the red circles on the floor and move quick.

A Boomer is now going to attack one of the terminals in the four corners so be ready and give a clear shout when you see him (it’s a good time to restock on ammo too and if you have no grenades, the restock normally gives you one). The two people on the corner he comes can easily deal with him by shooting him in his ass where he has no armor, job done! (this never used to be a thing and it has made Razorback so much easier!)

Once Boomer is dead you repeat the above process but this time the weak spots should get destroyed and you enter the first damage phase (if they are not destroyed just repeat the process, and also if you destroy the last weak spot at the same time that you run out of time, you will not get a damage phase but the weak spots will reset so be careful). Look up at the top center of Razorback and you will see a flap has opened with another health bar, it is capped at half health and you need to be doing half health of damage at this point or things will start to get tricky. The alarm will go off again and it is a repeat of what we have already done and we deal with another Boomer. 

Just keep repeating this process until you destroy the weak spots on the south side for a second time and finish off his health on the south side on the second damage phase. You will know you have done it right because there will be a slight but noticable delay on the two rockets that Razorback fires. If there is no delay then you have not done as much damage as you needed to on one of the two damage phases and will need to go again on the south side to finish it off.

Once the south side is complete things change a little as now instead of dealing with one Boomer attacking a terminal, you will have two attacking two terminals. It is the same score though, be ready, call them out and kill them. As soon as the second Boomer is dead get back in those generators ASAP, I forgot to mention that it is good policy to have the person who kills Boomer (or the last person to kill their Boomer when there are two) to do the 3,2,1 in as they are in the best position to do it.

You just repeat the same process but you will now be working on the north side when you are on weak points. This is the easier side as both weak points are central on Razorback and in easy view, they seem to have less HP too but I don’t know. The damage phase will work exactly the same as the south side and you are just repeating what you have been doing for the whole battle so far but you have two Boomers to deal with on the Boomer phases. 

Once you have completed the second damage phase on the north side and assuming you did enough damage on both phases, Razorback is now going to die. He has one last weapon in his arsenal though and will start firing rockets all over the place while he takes control of the four terminals. These rockets are pretty harmless and actually clear out all of the remaining enemies for you but the terminals are not harmless and you do not want to fail here! Everyone needs to rush back to their corners and look at their terminals (dropping reviver hives if needed to get people up). You will see a blue screen and you just need to wait for it to flash red, only one terminal will flash red at a time and they are always in a random order. When your terminal flashes red you and your corner partner need to shoot it and destroy it before rockets go off and make you all wipe. It is very easy to destroy with two people shooting at it so don’t worry too much but if only one of you is there I would be screaming for help. Once destroyed help the other corners until all four are done and then the raid is complete!

The only other tip I have at this point is to always call out when there are dogs. These are your biggest threat and they need to die as soon as possible. I would not go up for a weak spot phase if it meant I could kill a dog, they are that bad! But that is it! Razorback will drop a ton of loot, faction keys and the fifth raid key, this key will always drop from Razorback and is not limited to one per week. If you have five keys you can open up the raid chest for a chance to get an Eagle Bearer! (The Eagle Bearer will not drop on Discovery) Only ever open it once per raid completion though if ever you save up a lot of keys because the Eagle Bearer only has the one chance of dropping out of the chest per completion. It also has a very small chance of dropping from one of the four bosses once per week. Below are visuals from each generator on Razorback if you would like to see how each one is worked.

Generator 1

Generator 2

Generator 3

Generator 4

And that brings us to the end of this The Division 2 Dark Hours Guide. I hope it has been helpful, be sure to subscribe to my channel for more from me if it has been. I would also like to share two more things with you before we end, one is this link here:, if my guide has not helped you to be successful then Strudel’s Raid Clinic will! His clinics are so in depth and informative so give it a watch for even more help. And finally, below is a clip from our first raid completion, it includes all of the boss fights and we pretty much do it as this guide has instructed. It is all very well watching people with better raid builds smashing the raid, but if you are first timers it is not that easy and you need to be able to complete the raid regular to get those better builds. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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