The Division 2 Control Points 24-Hour Charity Stream Challenge: For hitting 4000 subscribers we planned a 24-hour charity stream challenge and we set a challenge for two teams of four to complete control points for 24-hours straight to see how many we could do. The community would guess how many we would do and the closest guess won a cool prize and more prizes were given out during the stream. We chose to raise money for Autism Together which is a charity that I have worked closely with in the past. Autism is close to my heart as well as many other members of the community and we raised an incredible £1058.94 which is a new charity stream record for us. Below you can watch the whole stream back! You can also find  a Thank You card that Autism Togther sent to us and more information about them. Click the title at the top of the page to go to to the Just Giving page if you want to check that out. 

The Division 2 Control Points
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Part One

Part Two

In 1968 a group of parents established The Wirral Society for Autistic Children, which was the forerunner for our organisation today. Autism Together has grown from providing support to people with autism, to providing a wide range of living options, day services and community support to people from all over the UK.

Our charity’s 50th anniversary year gives us an opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on how far society has travelled in its understanding of autism. Undoubtedly, our knowledge of the condition has increased in leaps and bounds. This report reveals the action we have taken to support those on the spectrum over the last year and our plans for the years ahead. Learn more about Autism Together and check out the report.

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