The Division 2 24-Hour Charity Stream

A lot of you know that for every 1000 subscribers we have a celebration with a 24-hour stream. We will keep this going up to 5000 subscribers.

We are already well on our way there and your support is making us grow at a faster pace. After our 5000 subscriber 24-hour celebration we will do one for every 2500 subscribers.

This Friday on the 26th April we will be going live at just before midnight UK for our 4k 24-Hour celebration. We will also be celebrating that MrsDonkeyPunch currently sits at number one in the world for completing Control Points on the PS4. We will be doing 24-Hours of Control Points!

This will also be a charity stream where we will be raising funds for Autism Together, Autism Together is a charity that helps people with Autism be more included in this world and I have worked closely with them in the past. They do amazing work and deserve your donations. Our last charity stream for Children in Need raised £532 and it would be great to get close to that figure for this one.

Here is a link to the Just Giving page to make donations: . This fundraiser is linked directly to Autism Together so that your donations go straight to them.

You can donate from now and up until the 24-hour stream is over to be entered into a prize draw for some GC or TSW merch. Post a message with any amount that you donate with a guess on how many control points we can clear in 24-hours. We will take your last guess if you post multiple guesses. You do not need to take part in the prize draw, you can donate without a guess.

Two teams consisting of myself, MrsDonkeypunch, Eqkedri, Cupid, Dee, Dave and two rotating spots will be a part of this stream challenge. Both teams will be streamed through the GCROCK and TSW channels respectively and the closest guess to the number of control points that we complete will win some merch of their choosing funded by me. If there is a draw, a winner will be chosen from a random generator.

And finally, Dee has said that she will donate $1 for every 10 likes that we get so be sure to pop in stream at any point of this stream and hit that like button. Dee does have a budget and we won’t go over that but lots of likes would be needed to come close. We will keep you updated throughout the stream.

I just want to say thank you again for helping this channel reach this incredible landmark so fast. I am very greatful and I am truely looking forward to this. Share this where you can and hit like on the video above so we can try and get as many people aware of what we do as possible. Thank you for watching and we will see you all on Friday.

Below is a quick video to say a huge thank you for helping me hit 4000 subscribers. It was less than a month ago that we hit 3000 and the support has been incredible.

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