Stolen Signal Gameplay – Heroic on The Division


Stolen Signal Heroic 1.8 Gameplay. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

Stolen Signal completed on Heroic on 1.8. This is not really a guide video, but you will get some insight on how to complete Stolen Signal on Heroic. Below are more details of our builds we are using and how we do things. I will be making flawless guides in the future for all Incursions and Legendary Missions. These videos will go far more in depth on the builds and how we complete the missions. You can subscribe to keep updated on my latest videos.

Start of mission: You can run anything you want up to the building you get into. Nice and easy.

1st Room (Room order in video): We had Greg using the 6-piece Sentry build. His main job is to kill the boss. Raddy was on the 6-piece D3 build. His job was to stand on the opposite side to us to take some aggro. Daz was running Tactician but only because he never had Final Measure. His job was just crowd control. I ran a 6-piece Final Measure build and my job was also crowd control.

2nd Room: In this room, me, Raddy and Daz ran with 6-piece D3. We all had an area in the room to cover, and our jobs were crowd control. Greg stuck with 6-piece Sentry and focused on the boss again.

3rd Room: We had exactly the same builds and responsibilities as in Room 2.

All hallways leading to the rooms are easy and you can pretty much run how you like. D3 builds are important for the hallway to Room 2.

Final Room: We all run 6-piece D3 in the final room. I wont go too much into it as you can watch the video. Briefly, You kill enemies and then protect marked hostages with your shield. You then have to hit a switch. You will then kill enemies again but with a named boss, protect hostages and hit the switch. You kill more enemies with a named boss, protect hostages and hit the final switch. Now you fight the last boss Bobcat with waves of enemies that don’t stop coming. Good luck and watch out for the blue!

Once Bobcat and the enemies are all dead you rescue the hostages. Mission Complete! Check out the below playlist for more gameplay videos;

Gameplay Playlist

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