Stolen Signal Flawless Community Event Highlights


Global Event Onslaught was the perfect opportunity to help the community get through a flawless Stolen Signal. All of my streams during this Global Event were dedicated to helping The Division community do this. On the first stream we managed to complete 2 successful flawless runs of Stolen Signal, on the second stream we completed 5 successful Stolen Signal flawless runs including 1 run on Heroic! As of making this video I have 1 stream left, so we will be adding more runs to this list! This video shows you the highlights from the second stream, and shows you all 5 Bobcat battles!

It is very easy to take part in my streams, you do not have to be a subscriber but if you do hit that Subscribe button and turn on notifications, you will know when I go live and when all of my Division content goes live. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter to see my schedule in advance as I use these to keep my fans informed

A huge shoutout to Chris (J0YR1D3R8888) and the Red Dot Society. Chris has been influential in helping me make these events a success! Chris and everybody from the Red Dot Society have been a pleasure to play with and you guys should certainly check them out too, like me, they just love helping the community. You can find them via the links below;

A huge thanks to The-God-Returns-_- and Paul264 for jumping in as always and helping make these events possible!


Click here for more Stream Highlights.

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