Stinger Hunter Outfit

Stinger Hunter Outfit: You can now unlock this Stinger Hunter Outfit in The Division 2. There is a video below where I fully explain the process and also some frequently asked questions. You will need to visit this link to start the process off:

  • What is the Friend Referral Program?
    The Friend Referral Program is a way for our Veteran players of Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 to earn exclusive in-game reward.
  • How do I participate as a Veteran?
    To participate and invite friends as a Veteran, you need to own a copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on PC, Xbox One, or the PlayStation®4 system, and have played more than two hours.
  • How do I become a Recruit?
    Be invited by a Veteran before you start to play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, or within seven days of your first login to the game.
  • How do I refer friends?
    As a Veteran, simply log in to the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Referral Program website and you will be able to invite your friends through one of two ways. You can use your Ubisoft friends list to select the friend(s) you wish to invite and click Invite. This will send your friends an email containing your unique invitation URL for them to link you. Alternatively, you can view your unique invitation URL directly on the program dashboard and share this directly with your friends. You can only invite friends who are not already Veterans within the program, and/or are not already a Recruit for someone else.
  • How do I earn rewards?
    To earn rewards, linked Veterans and Recruits must complete three missions together in co-op. Missions are defined as Main Missions or Strongholds.
  • What are the Veteran rewards for recruiting a friend?
    As a Veteran you will earn exclusive rewards for your first, second, and third Recruit that you complete three mission in co-op with.
    For your 1st Recruit:
    The “Stinger” LMG weapon
    The Stinger Hunter outfit: a Mask, Scarf, Shirt, Pants, and Shoes
    Hunter collectible Timepiece backpack trophy
    For your 2nd Recruit:
    Hunter collectible Cypher backpack trophy
    For your 3rd Recruit:
    Hunter collectible Veil backpack trophy
    You will also automatically benefit from a 20% XP boost anytime you play with a Recruit in co-op until you reach Level 30.
  • What are the Recruit rewards?
    As a Recruit you will earn exclusive rewards when you complete three mission in co-op with your Veteran.
    The “Stinger” LMG weapon
    3x Friend referral caches, which contain:
    1x Gear piece
    1x Standard Apparel Cache Key
    You will also automatically benefit from a 20% XP boost anytime you play with your Veteran in co-op until you reach rank 30.
  • Can I earn rewards by playing co-op on a different platform than my friend?
    No, as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 does not support cross-play, you can only earn rewards by completing missions in co-op on the same platform.
  • How do I receive my rewards?
    Once you have completed three missions in co-op with your Recruit/Veteran, you will receive the rewards directly in the game. An email will be sent to confirm your rewards have been granted to your account, which should be within 24 hours of a reward level being met.
  • Can I become a Veteran and earn more rewards after I have been a Recruit?
    Yes. As soon as you have played two hours of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, you can log in to the program website to become a Veteran, and start inviting your own friends to be Recruits.
  • When does the referral program end?
    The referral program currently has no end date. The end of the program will be announced at least one month in advance.

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