Stephen Bunting The Division – Survival with Bunting180


Watch as we play Survival on The Division with former darts World Champion Stephen Bunting. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

A couple of days ago Stephen Bunting jumped into one of my Survival streams and liked what saw. He wanted a run with us, and the next day we had a run. The run was superb and we managed a very successful extraction! This video is the whole Survival run that we did with former darts World Champion Stephen Bunting. It was a pleasure to play with him, and he is a top Survival player! We will be doing more together in the future so keep an eye on my streams and videos.

In this run we play PVP Survival, Stephen gets a glitch that we must overcome, and it takes us about 10 minutes. We kill players and we get the extraction with a good solid score. We could have scored more without the glitch! The video is long as it is the whole run, you can check out the timestamps below if you just want to watch part of the video;

Entering the Dark Zone at 00:45:10
DZ3 extraction and player battle at 01:25:35

I have a lot more Survival content in my Survival Playlist, you can find a Survival Guide and my favourite Survival route. Check out the playlist here.

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