Secret Mission – How to Complete the Secret Mission


How to complete the secret mission in The Division, in-depth guide. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

Before we start, a lot of you have given me feedback on this video and I thank you for this. I know this video is long winded and I could have done a lot better. Since this video I have improved a lot with my content and commentaries. This is a guide to show you how to unlock the Secret Mission and complete it. I trialled and tested a lot during and after I finished this guide. I explain this in the video but the main things are;

  • You must be in a team of at least 3. It is easier with 4!
  • Only 1 person needs both SHD 1 and 2.
  • When activating the crosses you must have it on world tier tier 5
  • All 3 resistance maps must be on world tier 5
  • World tier 1 is okay when collecting phones. Click to View Map.
  • You can keep on opening the secret room but you can only use the laptop once

Co-ordinates for crosses and order to click
1) 449,1974 – Pier
2) 838,2242 – Disco
3) 641,2516 – Garage

4) 665,2244 – Car Wash
5) 984,2287 – Cera Roof
6) 605,2117 – Barrel

799,2577 – Secret Room

The above and everything else is in the video. Once you complete this, all of the group will receive the patch and commendation for doing the secret mission.

Time stamp if you just want to watch us complete it: 19:12
You will need to watch the first half of the video if you are going to do it yourself. Check out my commendation guide playlist below;

The Division Commendation Guide Playlist

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