Sacred Shield – How to get the Sacred Shield


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The Sacred Shield is very easy to get. It requires you to reach level 10 in the Underground, kill 10 Hunters in the Underground and complete 10 phases in the Underground. If you are already at level 10 or above in the Underground you will have this one knocked off right away, and all you will need to do now is to complete 10 phases and kill 10 Hunters. It is not hard to reach level 10 for anybody new to the Underground.

The Underground is paid DLC! However, Massive are letting you play this DLC for free for one week from the date of this Shield going live. You have until the morning (BST) of the 26th July 2018 to play the Underground for free. This Shield will only take 1-2 hours in a group and a little longer solo, so that is more than enough time.

A few things worth mentioning are that you can complete this shield on any world tier, and you do not have to have any directives selected. Also, if you are in a group, you will be credited for the hunter kill even if one of your squad members kills the Hunter! If you need a group then search for gcrock on the PS4 communities and ask for help in there. I have a lot of people who are happy to help others in my community. Check out my playlist below for more Shield videos;

The Division Shields Playlist

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