Red Dead Content Cancelled

This could turn out to be a bit of a read but I want to explain my decision in full. I have taken the decision to cease any further content on my Red Dead Redemption 2 project. The project started on the 26th October and what I wanted to do was upload video guides to cover trophies up to the platinum, and to cover the 100% completion.

Projects like this on my old channel came with a lot of channel growth. The channel got to 8k subscribers in 2 years and I had videos hitting half a million views. On my old channel it was all I did. They are good projects but hard work, as 80% of the time it felt like a chore. I was well aware of this when taking on the project for my new channel but I wanted to get some good growth in while The Division was dead, and we are waiting for The Division 2.

Words cannot describe how hard I have already worked on this project. I am sitting at about 60% complete and I have put in hundreds of hours of work. I remember when the game came out, I had 4 days off from work and I think I averaged 3 hours sleep per night, with the rest of the time spent working on Red Dead. Since then though, it has been a constant struggle to get it finished.

In recent weeks I have found it so hard to turn on the game and continue. I dread it, and sometimes end up doing nothing but dread it, when I could be doing something that I enjoy. These were the feelings that I ended up having all of the time on my last channel and it was because of this that I quit it. The main problem with my last channel though was that it was all that I did!

I started GCROCK with the intention of doing it right and swore if I didn’t enjoy something then I would not do it. It is easier said then done though and I did try my best to get this project complete. But after taking a step back, I asked myself what would I advise somebody else right now, and my advise would be to end the project.

I have also learned a lot recently and although The Division is dead, you fans are amazing and you give me so much support. In the small amount of streams that I have done in recent months, you have been there and you have given some fantastic figures. My viewing figures on my Division streams are high, 4 of you have become patrons, and many of you continue to donate. You even helped raise over £500 to charity in our stream last month as well. Last night Kountryy was missing our streams that much she asked us to go live and we did. We played Blackout for the very first time and were awful, yet 200 of you turned up and enjoyed yourselves across the stream.

It has been a tough decision to make but a lot of weight has been lifted. I am now going to use the time that I have before The Division 2 to spend as much time in stream with you all as possible. There will be tons of Division streams, and I also have a huge backlog of games that I just want to play so you can watch me do some of that too.

This doesn’t mean I won’t take a project like this on again, the problem with Red Dead was that it is so frigging huge! It was a tough ask for a full time YouTuber, never-mind a YouTuber that also has to work a 40 hour job. You will still see Red Dead content in the form of streams as and when we plan them, I may also stream the remainder of the campaign.

Thank you that took the time to come and read this. I hope you agree with the decision that has been made. See you in the next stream!

P.S I forgot to to say that most current Red Dead content will remain on the channel. It is getting good views so I will leave it there and edit the descriptions linking to this post. I will be having a website maintenance day soon to update the website and remove Red Dead.

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