Rags to Riches 24-Hour Stream Challenge

Rags to Riches 24-Hour Stream Challenge

Rags to Riches Stream Challenge: At 23:59PM UK on Friday 22nd November we will be going live for 24-hours to celebrate 2 years of the GCROCK Channel + Community. The stream will be a charity stream where all funds raised will go to the Arbor Day Foundation (#TeamTrees). For every $1 that is donated they will be planting a tree and we are going to help them hit their $20 million target.

There will be multiple streams across the two channels so that you can watch different perspectives of the charity stream. The links to the channels are below so be sure to subscribe to the channels and turn the bell on if you want a reminder for when we go live.

The Second Wave

The Challenge

A team of eight are all challenged to start new characters and level up through The Division 2. They must all reach World Tier 5 and then start grinding for raid builds hoping that targetted loot is in their favour! In the last 2 hours of the 24-hour challenge the team must stop grinding and head into the Dark hours raid. Here they have 2 hours to successfully complete the challenge. The team is;

  • MrsDonkeyPunch/MrDonkeyPunch
  • Night Violator
  • Ladym
  • Dollshivs
  • iHeartStrudel
  • Boosted30

There are a lot more finer details that I have written up into guidelines for the stream and you can download these from this page. We will be getting many more members of the community involved in this stream, and expect a lot of fun from the donation incentives!

I just want to end with a huge thank to everyone for allowing these events to happen. The support given to this community is incredible and it is unbelievable when you look at how much we have grown as a community in just two years. This stream is in celebration of our two year anniversary, reaching 10,000 subscribers, and raising funds for a great cause.

Please support the stream anyway that you can, likes and shares will really help us reach out to more people and help us to raise more funds for #TeamTrees. It will also show more people our community and what we are about. Please do not feel oblighed to donate and only donate if you can and want to.

Download Full Stream Guidelines

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