Pier 93 Wave 23 – The Division Resistance Gameplay


Resistance came to The Division in 1.8. This is our first real go! Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

This was our first proper go on the new mode Resistance. Me and Raddy had one previous game together on the PTS with randoms, and Greg and Conks had a previous game with randoms too. It was the first time we had played Resistance as a team, and the first time any of us had been on Pier 93.

We went for a safe setup, I was running 6 piece Reclaimer, Raddy ran 6 piece Sentry, while Greg and Conks were running some kick ass Striker builds. I don’t know if wave 23 is good? Let me know in the comments. It felt to me like we could do a lot better and we will be trying for some mega runs in the future. For more gameplay videos you can check out the playlist below;

My Gameplay Playlist

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