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In this video I discuss how you can easily obtain the Phoenix Shield playing Survival on The Division. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

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In this video I am going to discuss how you can easily obtain the Phoenix Shield. To get this shield you must play the Survival mode and extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours and kill 5 hunters. This is a very difficult shield for players who are not used to Survival. Also, Survival is a paid DLC so you can only earn the Phoenix Shield if you have it. Massive have made survival free to everyone for 1 week from the moment the shield went live. Depending on when you watch this video, that may already be over and you will need to purchase the DLC.

You do not need to do all the requirements in 1 game! If you complete a game while extracting 2 items, and only killing 1 hunter, these will go towards the Shield as well as the time you have played. Even if you fail, any hunter kills and the time played will go towards the Shield. The only thing that won’t count is any caches that you have picked up if you fail. These must be successfully extracted in order to count. If you get a delta or disconnect for any reason you are able to load back into your survival game, however, there is a high chance that no stats will save even if you rejoin and go on to extract, so I advise just starting again if you do get a delta or lose your internet connection or whatever.

The hunter kills will be quicker in a team but it can be harder in a team because you have to gear up more people. In a team of 4 you will spawn 4 hunters at the extraction. If you are solo you will only spawn 1 as 1 hunter spawns for each member that is in a group that calls in an extraction. It doesn’t matter who kills the hunters as the hunter kills will register for the whole team, in a team of 4 you could get 4 hunter kills without firing a bullet as long as you are close enough to your team while they take then out for you. There are also 3 extraction zones and you can call in an extraction on all 3 zones in 1 game if you wish to spawn even more hunters in.

If you are not a fan of Survival but still want this shield then you have 2 options. The difficult option is to get into the mode and learn it. Watch some videos for tips and improve until you can manage to extract. At that point you will get the Shield easily within a few runs.

The easy option is to allow someone to carry you through a run or 2 to get the 5 hunter kills and 5 items extracted. Once you have these you just need to survive for a total of 5 hours and this can easily be done by loading into a game, rubber banding your controller and spending an hour in the safe-house you spawn into before dying. You will get 1 hour towards the 5 hours doing this. One or two more and you will obtain the Shield.

I will be helping people with this right up to The Division 2. If you want my help to easily get this shield then just send me a PSN friend request and include a message saying survival. I will add you to a growing list and I will get around to you. I have helped 100’s of people with survival so you will be in good hands. I will also try my best to get some people without the DLC through it during any free Survival weekends or weeks. I have more Survival videos in my playlist below;

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