Our 2019 Review – We Exploded! Thank You!

For those that read this I just want to start with the biggest thank you possible to you all. 2019 went far above my expectations for the channel and the community and without the support from you all it would not have been possible. In fact, without the support that you gave me, 2019 could have been a very different year.

It was year two for me on this project and it had tons of ups and downs which made it a rollercoaster of a year. I don’t want to spend too much time on the negatives but they did play a big part of 2019 and affected me on a large scale at times. It started in March and just carried on through the year right up to New Years Eve, in the background I was dealing with people creating Discord Servers to just slander my name, I had people invade my privacy and share photos of me with my daughter in communities, some of these labelled me a peadophile, I had people create their own little GCROCK hate groups to try and destroy what we are building from within, and the amount of lies and fabricated stories I was reading about me was beyond a joke, it did all get a little too much for me. I am not sure if I have previously disclosed this but I am a person who suffers with depression and come around November time I had enough, I tried to continue on but it was just one more thing after another and I was even having conversations with my close friends about giving up. I had a little break and told people I was doing background stuff but I just needed to be away from it all. 

The break did a world of good! I started seeing things a little more clearer and realised although all these bad things were happening it was just a tiny minority of people causing them, I learned that they were irrelevant and all I had to do was get rid of the toxicity that was built up around me and ignore the haters. I did this without a second thought as soon as the opportunity presented itself and brought in a bigger admin team to help me manage the community and the admins have been truly incredible! They have allowed me to actually get some background work done and most of December I have been doing that. As of today I have one days work left on my website, I have a Discord maintenance to do and then I get to go back to being a Youtuber which I really am looking forward to! 

On reflection of 2019 the downs were destroyed by the ups! My dream came true and we have built a fantastic non-toxic gaming community of over 3000 people! I was told this wouldn’t be possible by many when I started but here we are showing them that a big non-toxic gaming community is possible. Our community brings people together, real life friendships are being made and our community is making a difference to peoples lives! I still have a dream to turn this into my full time job and I am more hungry for that than ever now with what we have got through in 2019, people also use this against me and say that subscribers and money is all I care about, but it really couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, I want to go full time, I can’t tell you how hard all this is to deal with when I have a family and another full time job but I will never let my hunger to go full time on this take me away from my values and beliefs. 

It is now time to discuss some stats, these stats below just go to show how far we have come in 2019 and they are unbelievable! On January 9th 2019 I set out targets for the year ahead and they were to reach 10k subscribers, do at least four 24-hour streams and to work harder than ever without burning out as much. We smashed all targets (although I did burn out a lot again) and none of it would have been possible without your support and commitment. I could say thank you a million times and it still wouldn’t be enough, I really do appreciate the people that get behind this. Lets look at stats!

9th January 2019

  • We sat at 2519 subscribers and the TSW channel was non-existent.
  • I had 181 Twitch followers.
  • 59 of you followed me on Instagram.
  • 87 of you followed me on Twitter.
  • 218 of you liked me on Facebook.
  • 191 of you were in our Discord Community.
  • 41 of you joined our TSW clan.
  • 6 of you became a patron and supported me financially.
  • We streamed for 692 hours in 2018.
  • 9546 people hit like on our videos in 2018.
  • 43,887 people commented on our videos in 2018.
  • 1497 of you shared our videos in 2018.
  • Our videos had 293,682 views in 2018.
  • You all watched 2,209,761 minutes of our videos in 2018.
  • The most viewed video in 2018 was ‘The Secret Mission Guide’ at 19,022 views.
  • We raised £532 for charity in 2018.
  • Video of the year (Based on watch time) was ‘My Best Survival Route Revealed’.
  • Stream of the year was our 24-hour stream for hitting 2000 subscribers. This was closely followed by our Children in Need 24-hour stream.

9th January 2020

  • We sit at 10,636 Subscribers (+8117) and the TSW channel sits at 864 subscribers (+864).
  • I have 360 Twitch Followers (+179).
  • 121 of you follow me on Instagram (+62).
  • 432 of you follow me on Twitter (+345), TSW have 115 follows (+115).
  • 428 of you like me on Facebook (+210), TSW have 72 Likes (+72).
  • 3250 of you are in our Discord Community (+3059).
  • TSW has 607 clan members (+566).
  • 44 of you are Patrons (+38).
  • We streamed for 619 Hours in 2019 (-73) Unfortunately I don’t have TSW figures for this.
  • 38,115 people hit like on GC Videos in 2019 (+ 28,569) and 6169 hit like on TSW videos (+6169).
  • 61,767 people commented on GC Videos in 2019 (+17,880) and 37,637 commented on TSW videos (+37,637).
  • 11,257 people shared GC videos in 2019 (+9760) and 604 shared TSW videos (+604).
  • GC videos had 1,571,008 views in 2019 (+1,277,326) and TSW videos had 62,008 (+62,008).
  • You all watched 5,931,005 minutes of GC videos in 2019 (+3,721,244) and 682,720 minutes of TSW videos (+682,720).
  • The most viewed GC video in 2019 was ‘Space Administration HQ Hidden Room’ at 160,770 views (+141,748), and the most viewed TSW video was ‘No Sound?! Not a Problem’ at 1140 views (+1140).
  • We raised £3302 for charity in 2019 (+£2770)
  • GC video of the year (Based on watch time) was ‘Space Administration HQ Hidden Room’ and TSW video of the year was ‘The Division 2 | TSW With a 17 Minute Raid Run’.
  • GC stream of the year was ‘Operation Dark Hours – 8 Player Raid – First Attempt Live | Stream Number 208’ and TSW stream of the year was ‘The Division 2 | Rags to Riches 24 Hour Charity Stream Challenge #TeamTrees’.

As you can see, we truly exploded in 2019 and again, none of it would have been possible without your support. There are so many names that I want to mention here but I fear naming a few people will make others feel like they should have been mentioned, I think you all know who you are, thank you for listening to me rant and putting up with me throughout 2019. Please continue to put up with me in 2020! I do want to mention Kelly though who is my partner, how she copes with me doing this I will never know but it is truly a blessing to have such great support from her while I go for this!

We end with 2020 targets but I have to be realistic. In 2019 we had the release of The Division 2 which sparked the growth off and in 2020 we will not have that. The Division 2 is actually getting less people watching streams of it than The Division 1 right now and it is a game that is relatively dead. Many content creators are abandoning the game and seeking growth from elsewhere but I won’t be doing that. I have a connection with The Division and absolutely love the game and what we have built around the game, so I will be continuing with the game until The Division 3 and beyond. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be playing other games in 2020 though as one of my goals is to cover a few more games as well as The Division 2. 

Assuming The Division 2 does what The Division 1 did we will have moments in 2020, especially with new raids and content, and if that content does well then the stats may just be as insane in next years post, but I think a realistic target would be to aim for 20k subscribers on GC, 2000 subscribers on TSW and I can’t even predict how well the community will grow as it just keeps booming even when The Division 2 is quiet. I also want to make up for the dropped hours on streaming in 2019, I streamed 73 hours less than 2018 and I promise to not let things get to me this year and smash out a new record for hours streamed in a year. It is likely that next years stats will show a lot more red than green with no big game release but I expect everything to continue to grow. My initial target back in 2017 was to be at 10k subscribers by the end of year three and that has been smashed with 1 year spare so for me the third year is more about having fun and experimenting. Another goal for 2020 is to do a 24-hour stream on PS4, Xbox and PC and I will be thinking up something cool to do with this, there will also be two 24-hour charity streams so we can keep raising money for good causes. 

None of this is possible without your support so please continue to show your support by watching the videos/streams, hitting like and sharing, it is the people who support this that get us out there for the world to see and without you there is nothing. Thank you all again for an incredible 2019 and I am very excited to see what 2020 brings!


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