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Our 2018 Review: In this review I want to summarise 2018 and share all the stats with you. It was our first year and the channel found its feet very quick, it started out with me sharing helpful videos and streaming while helping other players on The Division. Before I knew it I had a few people wanting to help me help others, and Team GC was created. A big chunk of 2018 was me doing work behind the scenes, I built this website, I pushed social media and I did a lot of networking while trying to become an active member of The Division community. Even though a lot of work was done behind the scenes, a lot of content also went out on the channel. I uploaded hundreds of videos and did a hell of a lot of streaming which included five 24-hour streams! Later in the year we launched our Discord server which acts as our community forum, and The Second Wave was born.

It was a mad year with some downs and a ton of ups! I experimented throughout the year and learned a lot in the process. My job is to improve as a content creator and deliver content that you will all enjoy and I feel I did that well in 2018. My goal for 2019 is to continue what has been started, the following and the support has been unreal, and I want to assure you all that 2019 is going to be 2018 all over again, but bigger and better. The Division 2 is out in March and the plan is to go all out on that and give everything, but without burning out. I burned myself out on about 4 different occasions during 2018 and the recovery process is a lot of time wasted, so a lot of planning is going into making sure I get through 2019 without burning out as much. I promise more content for The Division 2 than you imagine, I promise to continue to build on what we have built so far, I promise a minimum of four 24-hour streams, and I promise to keep on learning and trying to improve.

Before I share stats with you I just want to say a huge thank you to every single one of you that support the channel in anyway that you can. Without you there is no us, and you have all played a huge part in the stats that I am about to share. I truly believe we are building a very special gaming community and one which I am very proud to be a part of, and you should too. The stats;

In 2018:

  • We streamed live for 692 hours and 24 minutes across about 100 streams (Longest stream was 26 hours and 2 minutes)
  • 2393 people subscribed to the channel
  • We had 9546 likes on our videos and streams (472 dislikes)
  • 43,887 comments were made on our videos and streams
  • 1497 of you shared our videos
  • Our videos had 293,682 views
  • You all watched 2,209,761 minutes of our videos (roughly 1535 days!!)
  • Video of the year (Based on watch time) was ‘My Best Survival Route Revealed’
  • The highest viewed video was ‘The Secret Mission Guide’ at 19,022 views
  • Stream of the year was our 24-hour stream for hitting 2000 subscribers. This was closely followed by our Children in Need 24-hour stream
  • We raised £532 for charity

And also, at the time of writing this:

  • 2519 of you have subscribed to us on YouTube
  • 181 of you follow us on Twitch
  • 59 of you follow us on Instagram
  • 87 of you follow us on Twitter
  • 218 like us on Facebook
  • 191 of you have joined our community on Discord
  • 41 of you have joined our clan, The Second Wave
  • 6 of you have become patrons and support the channel financially with a monthly pledge

For year 1 I believe these stats are incredible and once again, it is down to the support that you give to my project. I hope you continue to give the support throughout 2019 and I genuinely have no idea what sort of stats I will be sharing after year 2. I have been very open about my long term goals of the channel and most of you know that in the future I want this to be my only job. Having the opportunity to do this without having to work another full time job will enable the channel to reach its full potential, and I just want to thank you all again for supporting me with this!

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