#OneClan – The Second Wave Restructure

We have now been playing the Division 2 for a few weeks and it has been made very clear that our structure for dealing with the in-game clan limit is flawed. It feels like I am a broken record but I will say this again, the seperate clans that we made were for the in-game limitations alone, there was no structure other than that. Where I think I went wrong a bit was allowing all of my team, friends and friends of my team into my in-game clan. My idea was that the other in-game clan could start a fresh and recruit for us.

Since the game has been released a divide has formed with many members complaining about wanting to be in my in-game clan. Accusations have been made that TSWa were ignoring TSWb, and although I have stacks of evidence that shows otherwise, it is clear to me that we need to do this better.

Here is my proposal. I have spent a day speaking with Team GC, TSW Leaders and TSW members. Everyone involved has had the chance to have their say and will continue to do so until this Sunday (31st March). I propose that we hit restart and split the in-game clans into 4 clans. The name of each clan will be TSW-(Teamname)Co with each in-game clan choosing the teamname part. Every clan must have TSW as the clan tag and all the other settings the same.

Each in-game clan will have 3 Team GC members to start and at least one member that is able to stream to the TSW Youtube channel. We will then take the remaining clan members and randomise them accross the 4 in-game clans. Below is the start of these 4 in-game clans that we will be going with and we will fill the rest of the members in live on stream this Sunday!

There are cons to this, two in-game clans are already establishing a level which people have contributed to and now we will be switching people around. I want to remind you that we are not even 1 month in yet to a game we will be spending a hell of a lot of time on. All 4 of these in-game clans will be full at some point as new clan members are randomly put in when they join. They will all reach level 30 and we couldn’t be any more clear that we are #OneClan

I have said this a lot but I want to be clear, it does not matter which in-game clan you are in! We are one clan and our home is in the community Discord. We are only seperating in-game as the game forces us to. You are free to link up with whoever you want to, play with none clan members if you want, we are not here to control you. You earn clan xp regardless so it really doesn’t matter. In fact, play with none clan members and recruit to support our growth! If you are a clan member who wants to be topping leaderboards then you are in the wrong clan, this has never been our goal. If you have been around a while then you know what we are building is well beyond a clan.

I appreciate that not everyone will be happy with these changes so you have until Sunday to change my mind. You need to come up with a better idea than this though and it has to get passed by everyone who has already agreed to this. If we go ahead with this then you will have a decision to make, stay and accept or go.

After this Sunday any accusations about favoritism or any members causing any more drama will be at risk of being removed from the clan. I don’t think we can be any more clear about our intentions and have been since day one.

The next question is how do we deal with this once all 4 are full. Well, we won’t be doing mass changes again. We will have to deal with it, but only people who volunteer will be moved to help build up new in-game clans. We want to form established in-game clans and this can only be done if we leave them how they are when full.

I will use our Xbox in-game clan to test as they are currently filling up and we will soon have to learn how to deal with a second Xbox in-game clan. I think it went wrong on PS4 because we had to do a split right away and a lot of valued and loyal members had to be split up. When it is just new members being added to a new in-game clan, I believe there will be no issues starting fresh with some help from volunteers.

That is my proposal for moving forward. thank you for reading and please remember… #ONECLAN!

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