No Surrender Commendation – Unlock the Happy Mask


How to get the Happy Mask! Watch my guide on getting the No Surrender commendation and the Happy Mask during the Assault Global Event. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

In this video I show you how to complete Falcon Lost flawless for the No Surrender Commendation. I do not show you the other missions as these are much easier. You must complete this during the Assault Global Event. You will get the Happy Mask for getting this commendation. Check out my Global Event Assault playlist below for more videos;

Time Stamps:
Wave 1: 07:46
Wave 2: 09:14
Wave 3: 10:46
Wave 4: Bomb – 11:29
Wave 5: 14:05
Wave 6: 15:50
Wave 7: 17:46
Wave 8: Bomb – 18:54
Wave 9: 24:25
Wave 10: 25:41
Wave 11: Bomb – 28:06
Wave 12: 31:17
Wave 13: 33:07
Wave 14: 36:57
Wave 15: Bomb – 39:10

The Division Global Event Assault

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