The Second Wave

Yesterday we announced the launch of a new YouTube channel for The Second Wave. A day earlier we also teased it on an RDS stream by entering the live chat as The Second Wave, and today I am writing a short blog explaining this decision and my vision.

My GCROCK channel starting to see high growth last March, and since then it has not looked back. Fans of the channel helped in shaping the channel and more and more just wanted to get involved. I can already see the struggle that it is to keep everybody happy who wants to get more involved in this community.

We announced our clan a few months ago and that has also had a good reception from you all. We have already got a lot of members from all platforms and now even more people wanting to get more involved.

Please don’t take that as me complaining as it certainly is not! I am overwhelmed by the support that you all give and the more people wanting to get more into it the better. The struggle is just keeping you all happy and it is a good headache to have.

The Second Wave channel is going to allow for a lot more people to get involved. It will be a slow process but the idea is to have clan captains that are able to stream to the channel and upload content. These captains will be set a goal to do streams with other TSW members and arrange them through the TSW Discord Channel. The Second Waves very first stream is inbound this Thursday and it will be Cuppy leading the stream. Cuppy is going to pick two other TSW members to help him help Agents on the Division (Just as we do on GCROCK).

In addition, I plan to upload all of our clan related material on the TSW channel. It will be a place to showcase our clan with all of the cool things that it does. For me though, the best part of this is that it is going to one day enable us as a community to give constant quality content. Between the GCROCK channel and The Second Wave channel, my vision is to give you daily content throughout the year. It is a long road and we are right at the start of it but the support so far has been incredible and I appreciate any support that you continue to give on this next step.

Thanks for reading! Subscribe to the Second Wave channel.

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