How to get the Blackout Masks – Blackout Global Event


I discuss the 3 Global Event Blackout masks and we have a look at the 3 masks that are set to come with the Global Event Onslaught. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

In this video I am going to show you the 3 new Masks that are available now, during the Blackout Global Event. You have until Monday to get these, or you will have to wait for Blackout to come back around. Luckily these 3 masks are super easy to get. Also at the end of this video I will show the 3 new Global Event Onslaught Masks.


Tao Mask

To earn this you must perform a melee shock kill on 200 enemies to get the Fists of Fury Commendation. For this you will need to play the Blackout missions. Fire your gun at the ground to charge, run around to remain charged, and then melee an NPC to kill them instantly. 200 of these and the mask is yours.

Rictus Mask

Complete the Safety First Commendation. This requires that you complete an activity during Blackout, without shocking yourself. You do have to have it on World Tier 5, be on hard difficulty or above, be in a team and have Extreme or Total Blackout active. This really could not be any easier with a Reclaimer build or high skill build. Put a support station on with the immunizer mod if you don’t have a Reclaimer set, and only fire your gun if you are inside of your support station.

Vulcan Mask

Complete the Thunder and Lightning Commendation. There are no rules for this, just simply kill 500 enemies while they are shocked. You will see that an enemy is shocked by noticing the blue shocked icon above their head while they are wiggling about. You have constant shock ammo during Blackout so you will be shocking a lot of enemies! You can even select the Fear Tactics talent to have a chance of spreading the shock to other enemies! It wont take you long at all to kill 500 enemies while they are shocked.

I can’t say that I like these masks too much. I do like them better than I did when I first seen them online but the lack of effort put into them puts me off. The Vulcan Mask is just a different skin for the CBRN mask that we earned in Global Event Outbreak, The Rictus Mask is just a different skin for the Chemist Mask that we again earned in Outbreak, and the Tao Mask looks to be just another skin for the Classic Mask that we earned in Global Event Strike. On top of that, not one of the masks are hard to get, so they have no prestige value to them. The Happy Mask and other masks have been challenging to earn, I think they would get more playtime from us if they gave us some challenging must get masks!

Imagine going for the Joker, Beetlejuice and Wolverine Licensed Masks in Onslaught!! With the Joker one needing you to flawless Stolen Signal!! That would be a very busy Global Event! Check out my Global Event Blackout playlist below for more videos;

The Division Global Event Blackout Playlist

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