Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide by GCROCK. In this guide you will find instructions for every trophy/achievement on Ghost Recon Breakpoint. To unlock all 100% you are probably looking at around 50+ hours of game time while using this guide. Nothing is of any great difficulty and the whole game can be played on the lowest difficulty if you choose to do so. Other notes;

  • There are no missable trophies.
  • There are 2 online trophies and 2 co-op trophies but everything else can be done solo if you prefer.
  • Only one story playthrough is needed and you can go about these trophies however you choose, there is no roadmap as such.
  • I rate the 100% easy but it can easily take you 50+ hours depending on how much exploring you do. 


Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Taming the Devil Platinum TrophyTaming the Devil – Earn all trophies.
This is the platinum trophy and you will unlock this once you have unlocked all other trophies.

Hidden Trophies/Achievements – All story related and contain spoilers.

Hidden Trophy 1

A Safe Haven Bronze TrophyA Safe Haven – Reach the end of Act 1.
You will get this trophy once you have finished Act 1.

Hidden Trophy 2

End of Act 2 Bronze TrophyEnd of Act 2 – Reach the end of Act 2.
You will get this trophy once you have finished Act 2.

Hidden Trophy 3

End of Act 3 Silver TrophyEnd of Act 3 – Reach the end of Act 3.
You will get this trophy once you have finished Act 3.

Hidden Trophy 4

Breakpoint Gold TrophyBreakpoint – Reach the end of Act 4.
You will get this trophy once you have finished Act 4.

Hidden Trophy 5

Totsiens! Bronze TrophyTotsiens! – Finish A GREAT ESCAPE.
Finish the story mission ‘A Great Escape’.

Hidden Trophy 6

Cry Wolves Bronze TrophyCry Wolves – Finish SPEAK NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL.
Finish the story mission ‘Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil’.

Hidden Trophy 7

You Can't Stop Us, Nomad! Bronze TrophyYou Can’t Stop Us, Nomad! – Finish FRIENDLY FIRE.
Finish the story mission ‘Friendly Fire’.

Hidden Trophy 8

Change Hurts Bronze TrophyChange Hurts – Finish POINT OF NO RETURN.
Finish the story mission ‘Point of No Return’.


Hidden Trophy 9

Here's your World 2.0 Here’s Your World 2.0 – Kill Walker.
You will get this trophy once you have killed Walker.


Miscellaneous Trophies/Achievements

Tell Your Story Bronze TrophyTell Your Story – Complete the optional dialog in Erewhon about your past.
When you first get to Erewhon you will want to speak with Maria. Maria is the lady you speak with at the shop and she will have some tutorial missions for you. Complete one or two of these and she will point you over to PVP Ghost War. Head over there and interact to start a discussion and choose to speak about your military past. Go through this string of dialogue selecting whatever suits but don’t skip any of the conversation as it may make you have to do it again. once you have finished chatting the trophy will pop.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Absolute Mastery Gold TrophyAbsolute Mastery – Reach Rank 10 with any class.
You have four classes to choose from and these are; Assault, Sharpshooter, Panther and Field Medic. You must choose one when you start the game and then you are able to unlock all of the others through the skill tree as you progress.

Each class has objectives that you can complete to level it up and unlock rewards. These objectives come in the form of PVE and PVP based objectives and the game allows you to mix up these to progress in the levels which makes it very easy to reach level 10 in a class. The objectives are not too hard to complete and you simply just need to work towards them until you get a class to level 10 and unlock the trophy/achievement. Remember you can play on the lowest difficulty setting if you want, and you can mix PVE and PVE objectives up to move on.

In the Belly of the Beast Bronze TrophyIn the Belly of the Beast – Enter the Raid.
At the time of writing this, this trophy/achievement is not obtainable. The first raid is yet to unlock on the game so it is impossible to enter it. Once the raid is released you will unlock this for simply entering the raid.

Born in the Purple Bronze TrophyBorn in the Purple – Wear all High-end equipment.
To get this just keep a purple item for each slot in your inventory. Purple items are classed as high-end items and the game wants you to equip purple items as your primary weapon, secondary weapon, handgun and have a purple item in each of your gear slots.

Lord of War Bronze TrophyLord of War – Equip a legendary weapon.
You will unlock this without thinking. As you progress through the game you will start getting rarer drops. Once legendary drops start appearing you simply need to equip a legendary weapon in any of the three weapon slots.

Two-Faced Bronze TrophyTwo-Faced – Unlock 2 Classes.
As explained earlier in the guide, you must choose a class when you start a game and then other classes are available through the skill tree. Each additional class costs one skill point and you will get this trophy/achievement once you have unlocked your second class.

Four Honor Bronze TrophyFour Honor – Unlock 4 Classes.
This is the same as the ‘Two-Faced’ trophy/achievement above but for this you need to unlock all four classes.

This One is Mine Silver TrophyThis One is Mine – Upgrade a weapon to Mark 3.
You first need to unlock two skills in the skill tree, one that allows you to upgrade weapons to Mark 2, and then another that allows you to upgrade weapons to Mark 3. Once you have them unlocked, go to customize a weapon and use materials from dismantling weapons to upgrade it. Your weapon of choice will turn to Mark 2 once you have upgraded all of the intermarks once, it will turn to Mark 3 once you have upgraded all of the intermarks for a second time, and then the trophy/achievement will unlock once you have upgraded all of the intermarks for a third time.

You can do this on any weapon and the upgrades will carry over for improved versions of the weapon. For example, if you were to upgrade a Tac50 Sniper Rifle at a gear score of 50 but then chose to dismantle it, the next Tac50 you find or craft from a blueprint will have the same upgrades already applied. This is good if you do not have all of the materials needed to fully upgrade a weapon as you can come back to it later, take note that only parts you get from dismantling a certain weapon type can be used on that weapon type, and also common parts are rarer when common weapons stop dropping, so it is best to dismantle all of your weapons early in the game. Once common weapons stop dropping you can only get the common parts needed for the early weapon upgrades from killing drones and stealing resource convoys.

You will also get the ‘Prolific Gunsmith’ trophy/achievement while going for this.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Prolific Gunsmith Bronze TrophyProlific Gunsmith – Upgrade 20 weapon intermarks in total.
This ties in with the ‘This One is Mine’ trophy/achievement above. You will upgrade more than 20 weapon intermarks on your way to making a weapon Mark 3. If any weapons require less than this (I don’t think any do), just continue to upgrade other weapons until you have upgraded 20 different intermarks.

A Hero of Our Time Bronze TrophyA Hero of Our Time – Reach Level 30.
Level 30 is the maximum level that you can reach in-game. You gain XP through all sorts of in-game activities such as; story missions, side missions, faction missions, killing enemies and playing PVP Ghost War. Just keep completing activities until you reach this level, it will be more towards the end of the game and I find that PVP Ghost War can give more XP than other activities when you are getting a few wins. I imagine a lot of XP can also be gained from raids once they are released.

Wildland Millionaire Bronze TrophyWildland Millionaire – Spend 100.000 Skell Credits.
Skell credits are the in-game currency and you earn these through completing any of the activities offered in-game. You can also find a lot of skell credits in caches in a lot of different areas. Use these skell credits to spend in the shop back at Erewhon or at a bivouac. You are able to purchase weapon attachments, weapons on demand, appearance items and vehicles. Once you have spent 100,000 skell credits in total this trophy/achievement will pop up. This does not have to be spent in one go.

Attachments Master Bronze TrophyAttachments Master – Find 30 Attachments and then equip one in the gunsmith.
Attachments can be bought in the shop and found hidden in the open world. You should work on buying all of the attachments and then finding a few of the other ones until you have unlocked 30 in total. At this point you just need to customize a weapon and place one of the attachments on the weapon. I have a guide for all of the hidden attachments that you can find: COMING SOON.

You can see how many attachments you have unlocked by looking on the objectives menu and clicking on attachments at the top.

Executive Perks Silver TrophyExecutive Perks – Unlock 10 Perks in the Skills menu.
In the skill tree there are many perks that you can unlock. These perks can be used on your loadout to improve certain stats and abilities. Simply unlock 10 of these perks in the skill tree for this trophy/achievement.

It's Free Real Estate Bronze TrophyIt’s Free Real Estate – Discover 50 different Bivouacs.
Once you discover a Bivouac it is unlocked as a fast travel point. You are able to deploy a Bivouac at these locations to switch class, select a preparation method, buy items from the shop and spawn in a vehicle on your location. There are a lot more than just 50 of these in the open world and they are not hard to find.

While playing the game you can unlock these locations by interacting with clues (i). These clues (i) can also reveal other things but often give you a choice to reveal a Bivouac. They are also easy to see when going from A to B in a chopper, if you see smoke coming up from the ground into the sky, just fly over where the smoke is coming from low, and it will reveal a Bivouac.

Expert Herbalist Bronze TrophyExpert Herbalist – Pick up 20 different natural resources.
There are tons of natural resources that you will pick up while playing through the game. The best part about this is that you pick them up automatically and do not need to interact. You use these resources to craft items at a Bivouac and will most likely get this trophy/achievement without even thinking. If you want you can unlock the resources detection perk in the skill tree and equip it, this will highlight resources on your mini map as white dots and you just need to keep running over these dots.

A Man of the World Bronze TrophyA Man of the World – Discover 20 different Provinces.
There are 20 different Provinces in the world of Auroa and you can see all of these by looking at your map. All you need to do is discover all 20 by entering them.

The Woe of Wit Bronze TrophyThe Woe of Wit – Find 20 clues in the world.
You will find clues pretty much anywhere while you play through the game. They are marked on your map with an (i) and you just need to interact with 20 of these. Some clues are given by NPC’s, others are found on laptops or devices, you often get a choice of what to choose in terms of finding a collectible location, blueprint location or Bivouac location.

If playing co-op, squad members interacting with the clues do not count.

Heart of Darkness Bronze TrophyHeart of Darkness – Find all 8 mysterious carillons.
There are 8 mysterious carillons that you need to find in the world of Auroa. Without a video guide these are very hard to pin point. Watch the video below to find all 8 of these and get your trophy/achievement. These can be done at any time but I recommend waiting until you have a lot of Bivouacs to fast travel to as it will save some time. You do not interact with them, simply find them and look at them for it to count.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Master Craftsman Silver TrophyMaster Craftsman – Find 40 Blueprints and then buy 5 Weapons on Demand at Maria’s.
There are a lot of blueprints hidden in the world for you to find for weapons. These can be found by interacting with clues and then choosing the option to reveal the blueprint location when it gives you the option. Once you have found a blueprint you are able to buy the weapon from Maria at the shop in Erewhon, or by deploying a Bivouac. For this trophy/achievement you must find 40 of these blueprints and then buy 5 of the weapons from Maria or at the Bivouac.

You are able to see how many blueprints you have unlocked on the objective screen, look near the top and click on blueprints. Take note, I don’t think blueprints that you unlock through story missions, side missions or faction progress count. I have a guide to show you where all the hidden blueprints are in the world of Auroa if you don’t want to have to find all the clues: COMING SOON.

PVP and Faction Mission Trophies/Achievements

Swiss Army Killer Silver TrophySwiss Army Killer – Kill an enemy in Ghost War as the Panther, Assault, Field Medic and Sharpshooter.
This is the first of two PVP related trophies/achievements on the game. For this one you just need to get a kill in PVP Ghost War with each of the four classes. Just keep using one class until you kill somebody and then switch to another and so on. Only 4 kills are needed and this should not be difficult, I advise running with an assault rifle and a sniper and to play patient. Sniper kills are easy when your targets are not moving.

Entry-Level Combat Bronze TrophyEntry-Level Combat – Win 1 match in Ghost War (Standard).
This is the second of the two PVP based trophies/achievements and the tougher one. In PVP Ghost War you are in a 4 vs 4 battle and must eliminate the other team in a best of three rounds match. Sometimes you have to plant or defend bombs but eliminating all other players always wins the round. Once you win a match you will be rewarded with this trophy/achievement.

You cannot get this in custom and must play standard, I suggest going in as a 4 man squad and to use an assault rifle with a sniper. Play patient and do not run around in the open. Once you get one or two down on the other team, you can start to push the win a bit more. Playing with random players is also an option and a win will come soon enough. Below is a video of our first win;

War Never Ends Bronze TrophyWar Never Ends – Finish 8 Faction Missions in a single day.
You first encounter faction missions when you speak with Mads Schulz at Erewhon. This will give you access to a list of faction missions that you can do which reset each day. You are rewarded with Battle Points for completing these up to a 400 cap per day. These Battle Points are then exchanged for in-game rewards in a reward tier system similar to the Fortnite or Rocket League systems. There is also a second Outcasts faction with a separate list of faction missions that reset in-line with the others.

For this trophy/achievement you need to complete 8 of these faction missions in one day. This is not an in-game day which makes this very easy, they time against the in-game reset, so once the faction missions reset you have 24 hours to get 8 of these in. You can see the timer from the in-game faction missions menu.

Elite Guerrilla Bronze TrophyElite Guerrilla – Finish 5 Elite Faction Missions.
I explain faction missions above, you get 1 elite faction mission per faction to do daily and they are highlighted with a skull and dagger on the factions mission list. These are much tougher missions but remember you can do these on the lowest difficulty setting if you want.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Co-Op Related Trophies/Achievements

Squad Goals Bronze TrophySquad Goals – Finish 3 missions in Coop.
This is the first of two co-op related trophies. Simply finish any 3 missions in a squad and this trophy/achievement will be awarded to you. If you would like to group up with members from our community, the link is at the bottom of this guide.

Synchronized and Deadly Bronze TrophySynchronized and Deadly – Kill an enemy shortly after another player in Coop has killed one.
This is the second of two co-op trophies and one of the first that I got. When in a squad you need to kill an enemy shortly after a member of your squad has killed one. You would have to be very unfortunate to not get this after a few missions for the ‘Squad Goals’ trophy/achievement. If not just find two enemies and get in position, have a friend shoot the first enemy in the head with a sniper, closely followed by you shooting an enemy in the head with a sniper and job done.

Combat Related Trophies/Achievements

Jack of All Guns Bronze TrophyJack of All Guns – Kill an enemy with every firearm type.
Just as the description says, you must kill an enemy with each type of firearm. The different types of firearms are;

  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • SMG
  • LMG
  • Assault Rifle
  • DMR
  • Sniper Rifle

Drone Farmer Bronze TrophyDrone Farmer – Destroy 50 enemy drones.
This should happen naturally through your playthrough. There are many different drones in the world and I believe only the drones that work with the enemies count for this. So for example; I don’t think the drones that can cause no harm to you, and not alert enemies of your presence will count. Even so, there are tons of drones and you will pretty much encounter them at every location. Once you have destroyed 50 of these you will get the trophy/achievement.

If playing co-op, drone kills from your squad will not count.

David's Challenge Silver TrophyDavid’s Challenge – Kill a Behemoth.
Behemoth drones can be found at numerous Behemoth Defence Areas around Auroa and they all recommend using a high gear score. Remember you can do this on the lowest difficulty to make things a lot easier but these Behemoth’s are no joke! Even on the lowest difficulty you will struggle to kill one if you are under gear score for it. I advice to take one of these on once your gear score is ready.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Hunter Becomes the Hunted Silver TrophyHunter Becomes the Hunted – Kill 50 Wolves.
Wolves are a faction of enemies that are the most difficult to kill in the game. They are highlighted with the symbol that you can see in this trophy image above, and you will find them in some of the tougher bases like the ones inside of caves. There is also a plane that will periodically fly over and you need to hide from it, or your map goes all fuzzy and Wolves attack you.

On the easiest difficulty these are no bother and you could just keep replaying a Wolves story mission to get this, but I advise waiting as you should just get it automatically without thinking. If playing co-op, squad Wolves kills will not count.

What a Maniac Bronze TrophyWhat a Maniac – Kill 20 enemies by running them over.
Drive around and run enemies over to kill them, once you have 20 kills by driving a vehicle into enemies, this trophy/achievement will be yours.

The Night is Dark Bronze TrophyThe Night is Dark – Kill 12 enemies without getting detected.
There will be hundreds of locations and ways to get this and I advise to use a sniper from a distance to do it. You need to kill 12 enemies without being spotted and locations without drones are easier. If an enemies icon turns orange it does not mean you have been spotted, it is only when it goes red that you will have to try again. Below is a great location and method to get this;

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Snapping Turtle Bronze TrophySnapping Turtle – Kill an enemy with CQC from prone camo.
You can go into prone camo on most terrains by going prone and then pressing X on PS4, A on Xbox. You need to be close enough to an enemy to be able to kill them in prone camo by pressing in the right analog stick. This can be tricky as enemies usually notice you before you have the chance to kill them from prone camo. I found a single enemy in the world and then crawled to them until I was close enough to kill them and they did not detect me, I went into prone camo and then got the kill as shown in the video below;

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

Simple Geometry Bronze TrophySimple Geometry – Kill 2 enemies with a single rocket.
You will first need to unlock the rocket launcher in the skill tree as this is not a weapon that you can find. Once unlocked you can add it to your inventory in your loudout menu. You can craft or buy ammo if needed but once ready you just need to find two enemies standing together, equip the rocket launcher and then fire at them. They will die and the trophy/achievement will unlock.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trophy Guide

You Monster Bronze TrophyYou Monster – Destroy a Farmer drone.
Farmer drones can be found on farms and are not enemy drones that will attack you. I show you a location where these can be found in the video below, simply destroy one of these for the trophy/achievement. It is best to use two rockets from the rocket launcher that I explained how to unlock above for the ‘Simple Geometry’ trophy/achievement.

Sting Like a Bee Silver TrophySting Like a Bee – Kill a Breacher, a Rocket Gunner and a Sniper with CQC while in stealth.
The most difficult part of this is finding rocket gunners and snipers in positions where you can get to them without being detected. If they are in watch towers they will hear you climb the ladders so you need to find them in better positions. Town areas with buildings are good as they will appear on balconies and then you are able to make your way to them through the building without being spotted. Breacher’s are easy and you will have plenty of opportunities.

Before any encounter use your drone to scope out the area and mark your targets. When you have good opportunity, plan a route to CQC while in stealth on these three types of enemies. It does not have to be done in one encounter or one sitting and you can get these kills at any time. I have done a video below to show you the three types of enemies you need to look out for;

A Brutal Stop Bronze TrophyA Brutal Stop – Kill a convoy’s driver with a sync shot drone.
This can be a tricky one depending on your positioning for the convoy. You will first need to unlock the Sync Shot Drone from your skill tree and then add it to your inventory in your loudout menu. I don’t advise looking around for a convoy as they can be very random, I would instead continue playing but be ready to get your Sync Shot Drone out at any given moment.

A convoy will be highlighted on your mini map when it is close by with one of two symbols, a gun symbol represents a weapons convoy, and a circle symbol will represent a materials convoy. Any of these convoys will work and they will have a vehicle in front and behind them. You must equip your Sync Shot Drone and then aim down a sniper scope to mark one of the three drivers in the convoy. Once a driver is marked with an arrow above their head you can come out of zoom and press to use your Sync Shot Drone. The marked drivers arrow should turn into a number 1 and then you just need to hold L1 on PS4, LB on Xbox to kill them with your drone. Aim again at the driver if his mark doesn’t change to a number, or equip your Sync Shot Drone while in aim as you mark the driver if there are any issues.

Once you have done the above the trophy/achievement will be yours. I have done a video showing you this method on a convoy that had stopped in the road;

Bang Bang Bronze TrophyBang Bang – Get 3 headshots with a handgun in 5 seconds.
The easiest way to go about this is with your Panther class. Equip your handgun and find a group of 3 enemies or more, stealthily get near these enemies so that they don’t split up and use your Panther ability (L1 + R1 PS4/LB + RB Xbox). The enemies will be stunned allowing you to get 3 easy headshot kills within the 5 seconds.

Bird Watching Bronze TrophyBird Watching – Kill an helicopter’s pilot with any weapon.
You will have a lot of opportunities for this as choppers are about all of the time. I got mine by just aiming for the pilot with a sniper until I eventually hit the shot. CK did a video for me that shows how he got it and he advises to get the choppers attention so that it flies at you over your head. At this point the chopper will turn and face you head on again and you have a few seconds here for a clear shot at the pilot with a sniper or gun of your choosing.

I have also been advised that you can get this easily at the airport. You go to the airport for a mission in-game, I have not witnessed it but apparently an enemy is sitting in a chopper just waiting to be shot. The video below shows CK’s method;

Expert Marksman Bronze TrophyExpert Marksman – Kill 2 enemies more than 200m away with headshots in 3 seconds.
You will want a sniper rifle for this and it should not take many attempts. Just find a group of two enemies or more standing around in the open world, scope in on them and it will tell you your distance. Make sure you are 200m or more away and get two headshot kills on the enemies one after another and in less than 3 seconds from your first kill.

There is another video below from CK showing you this method but if you are having difficulty you can use a Sync Shot Drone. I explained how to unlock this in the skill tree earlier but just mark the enemies with your sniper and then use your drone, a number will appear above the head of the one the drone will kill so just kill the other one with a headshot and then hold L1(LB) for the drone to kill the other.

Death from Above Bronze TrophyDeath from Above – Kill an enemy 5 seconds after landing from a base jump.
You do not need to do a base jump off a cliff for this and can just parachute out of a chopper to make it much easier. It may still take a few attempts though as the timer starts as you touch the ground and it takes a few seconds to detach the parachute before you can shoot.

Make sure you unlock the parachute in your skill tree before attempting this or it will end badly, and then fly around in a chopper until you see an enemy or two. Go high enough so that it lets you jump out and parachute and land as closely to the enemies as possible. Kill one of them within 5 seconds of your feet touching the ground and the trophy/achievement is yours. If you fail, fast travel to the closest bivouac and go again.

Get it Off Me! Bronze TrophyGet it Off Me! – Shoot a wasp while it is still on it’s carrier’s back.
This is easy enough to do with a sniper rifle. You will want to scope out base’s before entering an encounter with your drone, look for the enemy with 4 dots above of his head. This enemy will have a ‘wasp’ on his back and you simply need to destroy this while it is still on his back for the trophy/achievement. It can take one or two sniper rounds to blow up and it is best doing it while not being detected as he may use it.

I hope this guide has been helpful! I will be covering more content for Ghost Recon Breakpoint over on my Youtube channel so please subscribe to support this and not miss it! I will also be covering any further trophies/achievements that are added to the game through DLC. Thank you for using my content, check out my links below to my Youtube channels and community. 

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