Survival: You will find all of my Survival content on this page. From my best Survival Route, to an epic Hunter Battle, check out all my Survival content below.

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Survival Crafting Guide

In this Survival Crafting Guide you will learn all you need to know about crafting in Survival. I also have a video guide if you would prefer. 

Video Guides

Survival Route

In this video I show you my favourite route to take in Survival on The Division. You can learn to easily extract by practising this route. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

Survival Guide

I have a made a full on in-depth guide to Survival. In this video we go from start to finish of a successful Survival run. I talk you through each point as we go and explain the things that I do to make my runs successful. This includes a great Division Tech run from once you enter the Dark Zone.

Survival Crafting Guide

The video explains all you need to know about crafting when playing Survival. As stated in the video, I have done a text guide for this too.

Survival High Score

During this stream we attempted a high score Survival run on the Division. I achieved a score of 42468 and you can watch the whole run in this video!

Stephen Bunting The Division

A couple of days ago Stephen Bunting jumped into one of my Survival streams and liked what saw. He wanted a run with us, and the next day we had a run. The run was superb and we managed a very successful extraction! This video is the whole Survival run that we did with former darts World Champion Stephen Bunting. It was a pleasure to play with him, and he is a top Survival player!

Survival Hunters Battle

With the help from J0YR1D3R8888, his RDS clan and my subs, we finally made this happen! I have been wanting to create a mega hunter battle in Survival for months and we have tried on stream twice in the past only to fail. Today I got in touch with J0YR1D3R8888 and we made it happen!

Survival Hunters Battle V2

I uploaded my perspective a week or so ago. In this video you will see all 3 perspectives from our Mega Hunter Battle that we did. J0YR1D3R8888 and Snooch_69 from RDS, both had footage from the encounter, so I have put theirs and mine together into this video. A big thank you again to everyone that took part in this, and thank you to J0YR1D3R8888 and Snooch_69 for letting me use your footage.

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