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MzKountryy and MrsMaryland240 Break Cupid During Dragon’s Nest – Published on 1st October 2018

We have been helping with Global Event Ambush all week and this was one of our last runs of the week. It was also the best! Huge shoutout to MZKountryy and MrsMaryland240 who broke cupid! I have included the whole run but he starts breaking from 20 minutes in.

Stolen Signal Flawless Community Event Highlights – Published on 27th May 2018

During the first Onslaught Global Event I held multiple streams helping people to flawless Stolen Signal. Stolen Signal was on the event playlist which meant it was the perfect opportunity to get people through it! This video shows the highlights from one of the streams where we completed Stolen Signal flawlessly 5 times! We even managed one run on Heroic.

The Division Battle Royale Stream Highlights – Published on 11th May 2018

The Division Battle Royale is a concept which was created by myself and Wizzie-33. In this stream we collaborated with Snake-DST to bring you Battle Royale in The Division. Watch these highlights from our very first Battle Royale stream and join us every Thursday for more!

Global Event Blackout Stream Highlights – Published on 30th April 2018

This was one of my favorite streams so far. Chris (J0YR1D3R8888) and the Red Dot Society joined me for the day to take on some of The Division’s toughest challenges!


Very Intense Stolen Signal End – Published on 21st March 2018

Taken from the highlights for the Global Event Strike Community Event, this was the most intense end to Stolen Signal that I have ever been apart of. Thank you to Chew-yyy9, danish99 and Atomicbean01 for making this happen!


Global Event Strike Community Event – Published on 21st March 2018

During this event I helped as many people as I could to get through Stolen Signal using only security wing skills for the Security Officer Commendation.


Global Event Assault Community Event – Published on 12th March 2018

The one that got me a shoutout on State of the Game! During this community event, I helped as many people as possible to get their Happy and Piggy masks on The Division.


Helping with the Secret Mission Stream Highlights – Published on 15th January 2018

The Secret Mission is one of the things that people ask me for help with the most. During this stream I concentrated on helping people get the Secret Mission done.


Helping with Survival Stream Highlights – Published on 11th January 2018

During this stream I helped a few people complete some successful runs of Survival.


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