The Division Shields

The Division Shields are a reward based system that allows agents to unlock content for The Division 2. I have created video guides to explain the best ways of getting most of The Division Shields.

  • Shepherd: Unlock the Base of Operations
  • Hazard: Clear 25 Landmarks in the Dark Zone
  • Deadeye: Complete all weekly High Value Targets
  • Avenger: Eliminate 10 Named bosses in Manhattan, 10 in the Dark
  • Sacred: Complete 10 phases, get to level 10, and kill 10 Hunters in the Underground
  • Phoenix: Extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours, and kill 5 Hunters in Survival
  • Talon: Attain a Commendation score of 3000
  • Rebel: Get to wave 15 in Resistance
  • Fang: Complete every available mission on Legendary difficulty
  • Prime: Collect 3 full Classified Gear sets (No video below)
  • Marshal: Acquire all Exotic Armor and Weapons
  • Chieftan: Achieve the highest optimized Gear Score (No video below)
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In this video I talk through the Shepherd, Hazard, Deadeye + Avenger Shields that came with The Division 1.8.2 update. These Shields are very easy to get and I talk through this in the video.

The Sacred Shield is very easy to get. It requires you to reach level 10 in the Underground, kill 10 Hunters in the Underground and complete 10 phases in the Underground.

In this video I am going to discuss how you can easily obtain the Phoenix Shield. To get this shield you must play the Survival mode and extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours and kill 5 hunters. This is a very difficult shield for players who are not used to Survival.

In this video I quickly talk through the Talon Shield on The Division. For this Shield you need to acquire a commendation score of 3000. If you were already at 3000+ before the Shield came out, then you would of unlocked this when loading in for the first time after the Shield went live.

The Rebel Shield requires you to reach wave 15 in Resistance on The Division. As always, In the video I am showing you the easiest way to complete this shield and earn the rewards. If you have completed all of the other shields so far, you will unlock the tier 3 rewards for The Division 2 after getting The Rebel Shield.

The Division Fang Shield requires you to complete all 7 Legendary Missions on The Division. In this guide I show you a video detailing a great build to use to do all of these solo, and then a video of each Legendary done solo.

The Division Exotics List: Below is a list of all the Exotic Weapons and Exotic Gear Pieces that you need to collect in order to obtain the Marshal Shield on The Division. The game will only count the pieces that are on the character you load in on, and the pieces that are in your stash. Be sure to move any extra exotics on other characters into your stash for them to count.

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