The Division Guide

The Division Guide: I will post all of my Hints and Tips videos on this page.

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Optimization Station

The optimization station came in The Division 1.8. The optimization station is a great inclusion in the game and in this video I show you it, and talk about how to correctly use it to your benefit.

The Division Masks

In this video I talk you through all of the 15 masks that are currently available in The Division. These masks are vanity items that require you to complete certain objectives in order to unlock. I show you each of the 15 masks and I tell you how you need to unlock them, as well as some extra tips.

Farming Resistance

In the video I show you a great way of farming Classified and Exotic items on the Carrier map for Resistance. The key is to farm the earlier waves and save up on all of your SHD Tech. The more people in your group, the better the chance of you all getting better loot.

Best Way to Farm in The Division

In this video I talk about the best way of getting the loot that you want in The Division. I have never struggled to get anything that I want and I explain why. Do not be fooled by any videos that say you will get this item here or there. It is all about playing the RNG!

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