The Division Commendations

The Division Commendations: On this page you will find all of the videos that I have made for commendations outside of Global Events on the Division.

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Secret Mission

How to complete the secret mission in The Division, in-depth guide. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content. Before we start, a lot of you have given me feedback on this video and I thank you for this. I know this video is long winded and I could have done a lot better. Since this video I have improved a lot with my content and commentaries. This is a guide to show you how to unlock the Secret Mission and complete it.

Flawless Falcon Lost

In this video we show you how to complete Falcon Lost flawlessly. I start by talking about the builds that we are all using. If you want to have a more in depth look at these builds.

Maximum Damage Commendation

The Maximum Damage! Commendation requires you to hit enemy weak-points 100,000 times. This is quite an annoying commendation, I am nearly 2000 hours into the game and not even half way! The method in this video is what I believe to be the best way of grinding out this commendation.

Flawless Clear Sky

In this video I show you how to complete Clear Sky flawlessly. This method is not the quickest method to complete Clear Sky, but it is the one that I have had most success with when helping people to flawless it.

Friendly Fire Disengaged Commendation

Friendly Fire Disengaged Commendation Guide: This commendation is part of the Missions menu in the commendations. It requires you to kill 15 NPC’s using the APC mortar strike, in a single run of Falcon Lost. Doing this will get you the Friendly Fire Disengaged Commendation.

Flawless Napalm

In this video I show you how to flawless Napalm Production Site on Legendary in a team of 4. The clips are unedited so if you are only interested in a particular part of the mission, you can find the timestamps below. I believe this to be the toughest mission to flawless on the game, so I hope this video helps.

High Re-Roller Commendation

This is a commendation that 99% of people should just get. I was debating making the video but then went ahead with it just in case it did help anyone. The High Re-Roller commendation requires you to roll stats on gear pieces, or talents on weapons, 500 times. In the video I show you a very easy method of doing this quickly.

Sell Out Commendation

The Sell Out Commendation on The Division, requires you to sell 10,000 items in total. This is something that would normally come natural to the hardcore players who make multiple characters, but the commendation doesn’t stack. I got up to over 6000 items sold on my first character, only to have to start again with the others. In the video I show you a great way to farm this commendation.

Flawless Dragons Nest

Dragon’s Nest is probably the easiest of the 4 Incursions to flawless with the right set up and tactics. I talk you through all of this in the video so that you can get this done with your friends. If you do not have a team to play with, you can jump into any of my streams where I help my subs/viewers.

The Terminator Commendation

In this video I show talk you through how to get The Terminator commendation, very easily, in Last Stand on The Division. I used my Striker gear set for this method. Just go into Last Stand and forget everything else except the closest Landmark near to you. Go there and clear the landmark.

Flawless Underground Commendation

In this video I am going to talk you through the Flawless Underground commendation. Once I finish talking you will be able to watch me help 3 other agents complete this commendation. Flawless Underground requires you to complete a 3 phase, 5 Directive, Challenging game in The Underground. You must be on world tier 5, you must be in a team of 4 and none of you can go down.

Picking Around Commendation

The Picking Around Commendation requires you to unlock 50 locked doors with lock picks. This commendation does not stack across characters so you will need to do all 50 on the one character. The video shows you a great method to farm this!

Flawless Stolen Signal

This is my guide to doing Stolen Signal flawless. This can at first seem impossible but with a good team, and the right builds, you will fly through it. My guide explains the builds that I find best to do this with, I talk you through each and every stage of the mission.

Horseman Hunting Club Commendation

The Horseman Hunting Club commendation requires you to kill the 4 Horseman on Dragon’s Nest within 20 seconds. The timer doesn’t start until you have killed the first one. This is a very easy commendation to achieve and I explain how in the video.

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