Stream Challenges

Paul264 made stream challenges a thing during a community event on the Division. He challenged us to a difficult task and the viewers loved it. The task was to get a new player the Happy Mask and we worked as a team to help the player level up, and then to earn the mask.

Since this we have attempted many more stream challenges, including another one during the same event. Have a look at some of the crazy stuff that we have successfully attempted.

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Completing Survival PVP Using Only Pistols

This is a challenge that I and raddy09 came up with when we started to help the community with the Phoenix Shield. The rules were simple, we had to enter a game of PVP Survival and extract while only ever using pistols. raddy09, J0YR1D3R8888 and conky2k10 joined me last night as we attempted this challenge and you can see how we did in this video.

Dragon’s Nest Heroic Flawless + Tech Skills and Gold Gear Only

We did a stream challenge on Dragon’s Nest and posted it yesterday but it was just too easy! If you know us, you know we like a challenge, so conky2k10 challenged us to complete Dragon’s Nest with only gold (high end) gear. We had to flawless the mission while only using tech wing skills. In the video I show you the builds that we use and talk you through mine, we had about 30 minutes to throw these together!

Dragon’s Nest Heroic Tech Skills and Flawless

Global Event Ambush requires you to complete Dragon’s Nest with only Tech Wing Skills, and flawless for 2 separate commendations. We have been helping the community to achieve both of these commendations in a single run all week and it has been easy. I thought we should challenge ourselves and step it up a notch, so we attempted to do it on Heroic instead of Challenging as part of a stream challenge.

Stolen Signal Heroic Flawless + Security Officer Commendation

Watch as we attempt to complete Stolen Signal on Heroic, flawless and playing to the conditions that are required for the Security Officer Commendation during the Strike Global Event. I have been full of man flu all week so please forgive my voice etc. at the start of this video, and during the clip from the stream challenge.

Happy and Piggy on Heroic – Dedicated to Sydney

Eqkedri challenged us to complete Falcon Lost on Heroic for the Happy and Piggy mask at the same time. Challenge Accepted! 

This video is dedicated to Sydney. J0YR1D3R8888 was with me all week during this community event. Shortly before we took on this challenge, Sydney (J0Y’s dog) passed away. J0Y still got on to help us complete this and we dedicated it to Sydney.

Helping a Noob get the Happy Mask

In this stream challenge paul264 challenges us to take a player who isn’t even level 30 yet, and get him the Happy mask. The challenge came after CloudyMaze messaged Paul asking for help levelling up. We accepted the challenge and Paul went on to help Cloudy get to level 30. Paul then helped Cloudy to get some gear and all of the missions done up to Falcon Lost. Myself and J0YR1D3R8888 then attempted to get Cloudy and Chaveom their Happy masks!

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