Global Event Outbreak

Global Event Outbreak: Find all of my content for the Global Event Outbreak below. I covered a few commendation guides, and went through each commendation.


  • Outbreak (Global Modifier) Always active; headshot kills increase headshot damage for a short duration and spread Bleed to nearby targets.
  • Severe Outbreak; Outbreak behaviour, plus enemies are ´Contagious´and will drain Agents´ health when close.
  • Critical Outbreak (Group Modifier); Threat level 1 behaviour, plus headshot-marked enemies can be killed instantly with a second headshot from any other team member.

Masks and Patches

  • Trench Mask
  • CBRN Mask
  • Chemist Mask
  • Pandemic Patch
  • Intoxicated Patch
  • Gunslinger Patch
  • Hair o’ the dog Patch 

Classified Gear Sets

  • Classified DeadEye
  • Classified LoneStar
  • Classified Final Measure
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Outbreak Commendations

In this video I talk you through all of the commendations for The Division Global Event Outbreak. All of these commendations can only be earned during the Outbreak Global Event. I discuss each commendation and give you tips on how to get them.

Kill Streak Commendation

In this video I show you a very easy way to get the Kill Streak commendation in The Division. The commendation has 3 stages. Stage 1 requires you to kill 3 cleaners within 15 seconds. Stage 2 requires you to kill 5 cleaners within 15 seconds. Stage 3 requires you to kill 8 cleaners within 15 seconds.

Too Close for Comfort Commendation

In this video I show you my method for getting the Too Close for Comfort commendation during The Division Global Event Outbreak. I also discuss with you, how to get the Contagion Zone commendation using the same method.

Resistance Commendation

In this video i show you an easy way to obtain the Resistance commendation in The Division. This commendation is part of the Global Event Outbreak list. You are unable to earn this commendation outside of the Outbreak Global Event. Completing this commendation will also grant you the Hair O’ the dog patch.

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