The Division 2

All The Division 2 content covered by GCROCK is available on this page. Once you have finished here check out the links below to subscribe to me on Youtube and join our community. You can learn about The Second Wave clan at the bottom of this page.

The Division 2 Trophy/Achievement Guide

Click on the link or the image to view the full trophy/achievement guide for The Division 2.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York is officially released and I am currently working hard on content. We are also very busy in our community right now and it is going to take me some time to get to the website maintenance done. Hopefully I will have this completed later in March! 

I will add the all new Hunter Mask guide for now as these are getting heavilly searched for but you will need to head over to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for all other expansion content for now. 

EDIT: Westside League Walkthrough also added below

The Division 2 Raid Guides
The Division 2 Dark Hours Guide
The Division 2 Dark Hours Guide
The Division 2 Written Guides
All Backpack Trophies Guide
All Backpack Trophies Guide
All Exotics Guide
Hunter Mask Guide
Hunter Mask Guide
Kenly College Guide


The Division 2 Tips
The Division 2 Tips Cassie Mendoza
How to Find Cassie Mendoza
The Division 2 Tips Open World Bosses
All Open World Boss Locations
The Division 2 Tips Pistol Flashlight
How to get the Pistol Flashlight
The Division 2 Tips Apparel Loadouts
Apparel Loadouts!
The Division 2 Tips Account Shared Blueprints
Account Shared Blueprints Explained
The Division 2 Hints and Tips
All Hints and Tips Videos
Coney Island Secret Boss
Coney Island Secret Boss
The Division 2 Secrets Space Administration HQ
Space Administration HQ Secret Room
The Division 2 Secrets Roosevelt Owl Room
Roosevelt Island Secret Room
The Division 2 Secrets Air and Space Museum
Air and Space Museum Secret Room
The Division 2 Secrets Manning National Zoo
Manning National Zoo Secret Boss
All Secrets
All The Division 2 Secrets
The Division 2 Classified Assignments
Tom Clancy's The Division 2_20200212_203440.jpg
Nightclub Infiltration Collectibles
The Division 2 Classified Assignment Detention Center Rescue - All Collectibles and Backpack Trophy
Detention Center Rescue Collectibles
The Division 2 Classified Assignments Embassy Crash Site
Embassy Crash Site Collectibles
The Division 2 Classified Assignments Marina Supply Route
Marina Supply Route Collectibles
The Division 2 Classified Assignments NSA Security Alert
NSA Security Alert Collectibles
All Classified Assignments
The Division 2 Farming Guides
The Division 2 Loot Farming Route
Easy Loot Farming Route by AngryBacon
The Division 2 Material Farming Route
Easy Material Farming Route by Ckerrian90
All Loot by Mission
All Loot by Invaded Mission
All Yellow Crate Locations
The Division 2 Black Crate Locations
All Black Crate Locations
How to get the Firewall Specialization
How to Unlock the Firewall Specialization
Technician Specialization
How to Unlock the Technician Specialization
Gunner Specialization
How to Unlock the Gunner Specialization
The Division 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
The Division 2 Xbox
The Division 2 Xbox Gameplay Walkthrough
The Division 2 PC Road to Dark Hours
The Division 2 PC: Road to Dark Hours
The Division 2 Stream Challenges
Agent Santa 2019 24-Hour Stream Challenge
Agent Santa 24-Hour Stream Challenge
Rags to Riches Charity Stream
Rags to Riches 24-Hour Stream Challenge
Operation Dark Hours No Comms Challenge
Dark Hours No Comms Challenge
Razorback Rotation Challenge
Razorback Rotation Challenge
The Division 2 Control Points
24-Hours of Control Points Challenge
The Division 2 1-30 in One Sitting Challenge
The Division 2 One Sitting Challenge
The Second Wave

The Second Wave is a clan that was founded by GCROCK on the 12th December 2018. There are hundreds of members in our clan spread across PC, PS4 and Xbox and we are growing everyday. We see ourselves as one clan and won’t be limited by any in-game system that likes to limit a clans size, we instead create and manage structures that enable us to grow to any size we want. Currently The Second Wave is active on The Division 1+2 and Destiny 2, we have an official clan structure in place for these games and we are willing to move on to others if members can help make it happen. We have a mixture of player types in our clan from casual to competitive and you should be able to get involved in the stuff you want to! 

All members must be a part of the GCROCK Discord Community if they want to join our clan, this community is the heart of the clan and it is was pieces everything together to make it work. The community does have some strong values, we believe that gamers should be able to game with others in a non-toxic environment. We keep toxicity out of our communtiy and we expect that every member treats each other with respect, these values are also required to be respected if you join our clan. The feedback we get from managing the community like this is incredible; people are making real life friends all of the time, people who suffer with social anxiety have said that they feel at home, we have multiple members who have autism and have said how good it is to be included, and members like that they can be themselves without being judged every time they post. Anyone who tries to bring toxicity into the community is quickly out of the door.

I appreciate that a community like this is not for everyone but you should come and give us a try to see what you think. Click the link below to go straight there, get yourself set up and then check the place out. You will find a “Join Our Clan” channel if you would like to become a part of The Second Wave clan. We accept everyone and anyone who can stick to the community rules and values are welcome to stay as long as they like. 

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