Live Streams from GCROCK and TSW

GCROCK and The Second Wave stream a lot! We aim to give you at least a stream per day on average across both of the channels and we try to give you the best quality content that we can. Swearing is managed but allowed, and everything you see will always be in friendly context. You won’t see adults having childish arguements over games here. Another thing we like to do is get the community involved as much as we can, whether it is helping communtiy members on a game that we stream, or creating squads for new stream ideas, we post a lot in our community to get others involved. Be sure to Join our Discord Community

On this page you can check out some past streams from both of the channels. GCROCK will stream live on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook at the same time to give you the choice to watch on your desired platform. The Second Wave only streams on Youtube at present. You can subscribe to both channels and turn on the bell notification if you want to be notified when we go live, or you can select the @LIVE tag in our community to be notified through Discord.

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