Flawless Stolen Signal – Flawless Incursion Commendation


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This is my guide to doing Stolen Signal flawless. This can at first seem impossible but with a good team, and the right builds, you will fly through it. My guide explains the builds that I find best to do this with, I talk you through each and every stage of the mission, and I show you the clip from my stream a few weeks ago, where me and paul264, help Paladin32 and TheGodReturns through it. I stream every Saturday helping my subscribers so be sure to check in if you want help in the future. Timestamps below are below, and there is also a link to my commendation guide playlist where you will find more videos;

Curveball Room: 06:20
Pigstick Room: 17:12
Checkers Room: 31:46
Bobcat Room: 41:58

The Division Commendation Guide Playlist

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