Flawless Napalm – Flawless Legendary Commendation


Watch my flawless Napalm Production Site Legendary guide. This is the toughest flawless of the lot! Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

Continue reading this description for timestamps. In this video I show you how to flawless Napalm Production Site on Legendary in a team of 4. The clips are unedited so if you are only interested in a particular part of the mission, you can find the timestamps below. I believe this to be the toughest mission to flawless on the game, so I hope this video helps.

If you would like help with this mission you can enter one of my streams, every Saturday, where I help my subscribers get stuff done on The Division. I keep all of my subscribers updated on my streams through Facebook and Twitter, links are below. Also, check out my commendation guide playlist below for more commendation videos;


Section 1: 00:04
Section 2: 08:36
Section 3: 14:29
Section 4: 21:59
Section 5: 39:55
Section 6: 44:37
Section 7 (Boss Fight): 50:19

The Division Commendation Guide Playlist

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