Flawless Clear Sky – Flawless Incursion Commendation


How to complete Clear Sky flawless in The Division. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

In this video I show you how to complete Clear Sky flawlessly. This method is not the quickest method to complete Clear Sky, but it is the one that I have had most success with when helping people to flawless it. In this video I show you the footage from a stream I did a week or so ago and it shows when things don’t quite go to plan. I was going to find another run as we did many runs that day but thought it would be good to show you how patient you need to be when the aggro doesn’t work out as planned for.

If you do not have a team to play with, you can jump into any of my streams where I help my subs/viewers which normally take place on a Saturday and we will get you this done. You do not have to subscribe for me to help you although if you like what I do, I would highly appreciate it. Check out my Commendation Guide playlist below for more videos;

The Division Commendation Guide Playlist

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