Extreme Operations Distinction – Dark Hours Commendation
Extreme Operations Distinction

Extreme Operations Distinction

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Extreme Operations Distinction; In this video I discuss the Extreme Operations Distinction on The Division 2 and how to get it. This commendation is a part of the commendations set for the Operation Dark Hours raid.

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The Second Wave is a clan that was founded by GCROCK on the 12th December 2018. There are hundreds of members in our clan spread across PC, PS4 and Xbox and we are growing everyday. We see ourselves as one clan and won’t be limited by any in-game system that likes to limit a clans size, we instead create and manage structures that enable us to grow to any size we want. Currently The Second Wave is active on The Division 1+2 and Destiny 2, we have an official clan structure in place for these games and we are willing to move on to others if members can help make it happen. We have a mixture of player types in our clan from casual to competitive and you should be able to get involved in the stuff you want to!

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