Dragon’s Nest Heroic + Tech Skills and Flawless – Gold Gear Only

Watch us tackle Dragon’s Nest with only gold gear as we attempt to flawless it while only using tech skills, during the Ambush Global Event. Please give this video a like and consider subscribing to my channel for more Division content.

We did a stream challenge on Dragon’s Nest and posted it yesterday but it was just too easy! If you know us, you know we like a challenge, so conky2k10 challenged us to complete Dragon’s Nest with only gold (high end) gear. We had to flawless the mission while only using tech wing skills. In the video I show you the builds that we use and talk you through mine, we had about 30 minutes to throw these together! I am going out there and saying that this is the toughest challenge that we have attempted yet, if you would like to see some past stream challenges, you can check out my playlist below;

Stream Challenges

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