Discord Maintenance

Thank you for your patience while I have been doing a lot of background work since late November 2019. That work is now complete, in this post I will explain all of things I have done, including all the recent changes in our Discord Maintenance. I still have some channel maintenance to do but this will be done without anyone noticing as I get back to a stream schedule! There is a lot to catch up on, we will be starting our PS4 hardcore playthrough next week, we will be finishing our Xbox playthrough ASAP, we want to attempt a skill build raid, we want to finish Breakpoint, and we want to go back to The Division 1. I am planning to get all this done and more over the next month, as well as cover Episode 3. We will also be starting a Destiny 2 playthrough at some point. Discord Maintenance


My website was the first task on the list, it took me well over a month to complete as I redone every page and made big changes. All the content from the GCROCK and TSW channels is listed and many written guides have been added. My next task for my website is a written commendation guide once all the big changes are in place later in the year.


A reinvention of my Patreon page was another task. It has taken me a long time to get this right, but I am very happy with where it is at. Patrons will get private streams and much more as a thank you for pledging to me. You can check out the new Patron system here: https://www.patreon.com/gcrock. All new Patrons in February will get their own custom server emoji from Night-Violator.

Destiny 2 is Official

We attempted to make Destiny 2 a thing once before, but it failed and never got to this stage, Darksunshaman and his group have done some incredible work over the last few months and have created a TSW clan of over 70 people. Destiny 2 will be coming to both channels this year without an impact on The Division content. If you play Destiny 2 you can join our clan now!

Discord Maintenance

I went through all the feedback and we had a Discord makeover. All the changes are below;

  • New server image and banner, thank you for the boosts, and thank you Night-Violator for the GFX.
  • New team structure and, new and clearer team guidelines.
  • Channel restructure to improve navigation. 
  • community-roles and become-a-patron channels updated.
  • Link is now easier to copy in the invite-your-friends channel. 
  • twitter-feeds now include TheDivisionGame and DestinyGame.
  • New Off Topic category.
  • TSW events introduced.
  • Join our clan restructure to make things easier and to include Destiny 2.
  • Clan construction team created on PS4 and doing brilliantly.
  • New TSW GFX category.
  • New TSW Queues category.
  • Reworked The Division category and new Content category.
  • New Destiny 2 category.
  • New community photos category where community members can also submit photos.
  • Reworked voice channels with new better-quality chats. 
  • Role and permissions maintenance so everything works. 
  • New schedule bot that will allow some members to set up events in the event channels. 
  • Reworked notification system, all members should visit the become-a-member channel to redo their notifications, and check out the how-tags-work channel to understand how we want the tags to be used. 

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