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8k Subscribers – Thank you for your support

8k Subscribers; We have just hit 8000 subscribers on my GCROCK channel, this comes shortly after The Second Wave channel hit its 600 subscriber landmark. I am writing this blog to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports this and keeps these numbers rising on a daily basis. In the last 28 days

The Division 2 24-Hour Charity Stream – 26th April 2019

The Division 2 24-Hour Charity Stream A lot of you know that for every 1000 subscribers we have a celebration with a 24-hour stream. We will keep this going up to 5000 subscribers. We are already well on our way there and your support is making us grow at a faster pace. After our 5000

TSW Update 04/04/2019

Hello everyone! I’ve been asked to do a write up regarding the new Clan break down, I will be going over things such as clan names, tags, CXP, whom you’ll need to have on your Friends list, and other things related. These things are aimed to make this transition smooth and prevent conflict within the

#OneClan – The Second Wave Restructure

#OneClan – The Second Wave Restructure We have now been playing the Division 2 for a few weeks and it has been made very clear that our structure for dealing with the in-game clan limit is flawed. It feels like I am a broken record but I will say this again, the seperate clans that

My Vision for The Second Wave YouTube Channel

Yesterday we announced the launch of a new YouTube channel for The Second Wave. A day earlier we also teased it on an RDS stream by entering the live chat as The Second Wave, and today I am writing a short blog explaining this decision and my vision. My GCROCK channel starting to see high
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