Agent Santa 2019 24-Hour Stream Challenge

Agent Santa 2019 24-Hour Stream Challenge

Agent Santa 2019 24-Hour Stream Challenge: In this stream we did Operation Dark Hours on The Division 2 none stop to see how many we could complete in 24-hours. We had a lot of giveaways to give out to the community and one included an SSD if you could guess the correct amount of raids that we could do. We had so much fun doing this stream and I want to thank everyone who got involved and watched. 

Boomer Scares Penny

People guessed anywhere from 15 to 90 raids! We were very relaxed throughout and managed a total of 26 completions while rotating in as many people as we could to get people involved. This included 3 people getting their first time completions and 6 people got their first Eagle Bearers. Throughout the 24-hours I also managed to kill Penny 7 times! and we only suffered from 8 bluescreens!

Agent Santa 2019 ScottyMo EB
ScottyMo Eagle Bearer
Agent Santa 2019 KrazyKlown17 EB
KrazyKlown17 Eagle Bearer
Agent Santa 2019 SHDTech EB
SHDTech Eagle Bearer
Agent Santa 2019 Fungamer EB
FungamerNL Eagle Bearer
IMI-IMI Eagle Bearer
Andrecw Eagle Bearer

During the 24-hours a group of PC players also put seven runs in and helped three members of the community get Eagle Bearers. A huge shoutout to Aylenmassiff, Chibiknight, Jasgalore, Skoorp, Payne, Darkwings, Rogers, Scables and Alex who helped with these PC runs. 

In stream we gave away plenty of on the spot prizes that included Discord Nitro Classic, £10 PSN voucher code, £10 Amazon Code and 2x £25 Vouchers for any platform. Below are the main prizes that anyone from the community could enter to win and the winners, congratulations to Andreaskomochar on guessing 26 raid completions and winning the SSD;

WINNER: Andreaskomocher
Agent Santa 2019 HyperX_Headset
WINNER: Prof_Woz
WINNER: TonyYayo
WINNER: Non-Fiction
WINNER: Pellzor
Agent Santa 2019 TSW_PS4_Controller
Agent Santa 2019 God_of_War
Agent Santa 2019 Humble_Bundle
WINNER: Darksunshaman

All the other winners were chosen from an Excel randomizor that worked like picking a name out of a hat. Congratulations to all that won a prize! Unfortunately I was not able to make a highlight video for this stream, it was too close to Christmas and I ran out of time but you can watch part or all of the stream again below;

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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