About GCROCK; I am a video games content creator, founder of the GCROCK Discord community, and founder of The Second Wave clan. I make a range of video game content but I am known for creating helpful videos that guide the viewer, and for streaming with viewers to help them clear tough content. I am also known for creating the GCROCK community on Discord, this is a community that is constantly growing and evolving at a fast pace, and a community that has been praised for its efforts in keeping toxicity out. New friendships are being formed all of the time and it is the place to be if you are just interested in the fun side of gaming. I showcase everything that we do on this website and you are free to browse through it, below you will find links to my Youtube channel, Discord community and everything else.

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Thank you for reading my About Me page! Be sure to pop in stream if you want to chat and have any questions for me, and if you want to get to know me more personally I get more personal on my Instagram. There are a lot more people that help me with everything that I do and without them it would not be possible, I call them Team GC and you can find my team structure in our Discord community. I will finish this page with some of the landmarks that you all have helped me to achieve on this incredible journey, thank you all so much! 

17th November  2017 – Created GCROCK Youtube channel

23rd January 2018 – Very first charity stream; 24-hour charity stream for Macmillan Game Heroes (£42.17 raised)
13th March 2018 – GCROCK.COM was created and was under construction (I originally stated it would go live in April 2018)
18th March 2018 – My Secret Mission guide for The Division was my first video to reach 20k views (Warning: cringe worthy video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB6h9IzOSu4&t=2s
26th March 2018 – I recieve my first Memes from the legend that is eqkedri (I have these stored for those that want to see)
29th March 2018 – I get a State of the Game shoutout by Massive
31st March 2018 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 500 subscribers
5th April 2018 – Another mention on State of the Game by Massive
6th April 2018 – The first time that I streamed to multiple platforms at once
14th May 2018 – The GCROCK Discord community was created
1st July 2018 – Our first attempt at a 24 Hunter Battle on The Division (Only 16 people shown up and we smashed 16 Hunters)
2nd August 2018 – 100 Facebook Likes: https://www.facebook.com/gcrock6
3rd August 2018 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 1000 subscribers
22nd August 2018 – A celebrity jumped in stream for the first time (Former Darts World Champion Stephen Bunting came in for some Survival) 
29th August 2018 – GCROCK Youtube channel becomes a partnered Youtube channel
19th September 2018 – New gaming/streaming desktop and an end to the laptop that crashed every 3 hours
17th September 2018 – I recieve a Manhunt Coaster off a friend from Kansas as a gift, thank you Daznman
27th September 2018 – I pre-ordered The Division 2 Ultimate Edition
29th September 2018 – I met Conky2k10 and had a brew with him, thanks again for the chair! It is broke now…
3rd October 2018 – I put my first teaser out for our upcoming clan The Second Wave
11th October 2018 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 2000 subscribers
12th October 2018 – Half Tilt Hobo becomes my first patron
22nd October 2018 – GCROCK.COM finally goes live (6 months after I said it would… not bad)
1st November 2018 – I put out a second teaser for our upcoming clan The Second Wave
16th November 2018 – Children in Need 24-hour charity stream and 1 year anniversary stream (£532.42 raised)
29th November 2018 – The Second Wave was announced in a Red Dead Redemption 2 stream
12 December 2018 – The Second Wave clan was officially announced and started with 22 members
30th December 2018 – The Second Waves very first logo was revealed

5th January 2019 – Very first PC Stream, I streamed The Division
9th January 2019 – A look back at year 1: https://gcrock.com/our-2018-review-what-a-year
15th January 2019 – Created The Second Wave Youtube channel and my initial vision for the channel: https://gcrock.com/my-vision-for-the-second-wave-youtube-channel
17th January 2019 – The Second Wave stream for the first time
16th February 2019 – TheGodReturns travels to Vegas the day after a 24-hour stream. While there he arranged to meet up with SinCityRon who has been a long time supporter of what we do
16th February 2019 – 100 Twitter Followers: https://twitter.com/gcrock6
28th February 2018 – My final high score attempt on Survival before The Division 2. I got a new high score of 43,248
2nd March 2019 – The first TSW PS4 and Xbox controllers were made as supporters ordered them in from a guy who customised controllers
9th March 2019 – eqkedri sends in an emotional fairwell video for The Division: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Zs46WZCoA
9th March 2019 – Second attempt at the 24 Hunter Battle (this time we had 24 people but failed to beat the Hunters) 
12th March 2019 – My 200th stream starts as The Division 2 releases. This stream went on for over 36 hours
26th March 2019 – ifd43 and Brent meet up and send a pic into me
28th March 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 3000 subscribers
17th April 2019 – Penny reaches the top of the PS4 leaderboards for control points captured on The Division 2
22nd April 2019 – The Second Wave channel reaches 200 subscribers
26th April 2019 – Autism Together 24-hour charity stream challenge (24-hours of control points) and 4000 subscriber celebration (£1058.94 raised)
11th May 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 5000 subscribers
16th May 2019 – We enter our first 8-player raid on The Division 2
21st May 2019 – Finally killed Boomer
7th June 2019 – My Space Administration Secret Room video is my first video to reach 100k views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW39mvIhW6U
17th June 2019 – We completed the Dark Hours raid for the first time! I have to share Penny’s reaction: 
13th July 2019 – First private stream for JTF members and Patrons
15th July 2019 – In our first month of helping people with the raid we helped 60 people through their first time completions 
27th July 2019 – TSW complete their first flawless Dark Hours raid
30th July 2019 – My first stream on The Second Wave channel
31st July 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 6000 subscribers
31st August 2019 – In just over 2 months we had now helped over 160 people through the Dark Hours raid for the first time
6th September 2019 – The Second Wave was a feature in Ubisofts Clan Spotlight:  https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news-updates/354889/clan-spotlight-tsw
8th September 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 7000 subscribers
9th September 2019 – We tease TSW’s first charity stream
21st September 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 8000 subscribers
23rd September 2019 – In the 3 months that we had now been helping with the Dark Hours raid, we had helped over 260 people through their first time completions and had got 60+ agents their Eagle Bearers
29th September 2019 – First 8-man raid completion on PC
12th October 2019 – TSW’s very first charity stream for Pink Ribbon Foundation. All ladies raid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTEZI8d6_n4 (£810.12)
14th October 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reaches 9000 subscribers
9th November 2019 – Recieved a thank you card from Autism Together for the stream we did earlier in the year
12th November 2019 – GCROCK Youtube channel reached 10,000 subscribers
22nd November 2019 – #TeamTrees 24-hour charity stream challenge (Rags to Riches) and 2 year anniversary stream (£1433 raised) Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7roDbZ5Uix0
29th November 2019 – First ever stream on Xbox, I streamed The Division 2

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