About GCROCK; I am a video games content creator, founder of the GCROCK Discord Community, and founder of The Second Wave clan. I create content to help others and love doing it, from videos to live streams, I like to plan out what I can help people with on the games that I play, and get it done. My first project was PSW which started back in March 2011. The Youtube channel is all that remains as a reminder of that project and it was really fun. I was a lot younger and was working towards promotions in my job at the time, things just got too busy and I had to call it a day. Looking back at the figures that channel reached after just 2 years of working on it is what inspired me to become a video games content creator again. 

On the 21st November 2017 I created a new self-titled Youtube channel. I was going through a pretty crap time in life and just needed an escape. The Division offered me that and I met a lot of good people who helped me through these bad times. I started to feel better enough to upload a few Dark Zone videos to Youtube, next thing I was helping people with Survival, and then I was helping people with all sorts of stuff and was proper addicted. I looked back at my old channel and just remember thinking this is what I want to do. The Dark Zone videos were removed and I made a plan to grow.

At the time nobody took me serious at all (Just like last time), an adult saying that they want to make a career out of Youtube is apparently laughable but that did not faze me. I did my research, I had previous experience to learn from and I set goals. By the end of 2018 I wanted 1000 subscribers, and ended with close to 2500. By the end of 2019 I originally wanted 3000 subscribers, but I currently sit just short of 8000. It has been an insane ride as I approach 2 years of doing this and I could never have imagined what it has turned into. 

As my audience grew I let them decide where we went. My job was quite simple, I just wanted to create content and live streams helping people, but the demand was there for so much more. In January this year (2019) I opened up my Discord Community, we still have a few months of 2019 to go and the community already has over 2000 members. I also created The Second Wave clan in March 2019 for The Division 2 and this has become a huge part of what I do and the community. For all this to work I need a great team of people around me that understand me, and understand the work that goes into all of this. These people also work very hard on my project and without them I would be lost, I don’t want to name people as others may question why they were not named, but if you are in the community, anyone red (pink) or yellow are part of my team and it is these guys and girls that help me to keep all this ticking and moving forward. They all work hard for this dream of mine and many of them have become very close friends. 

My values are clear, my background is management and working with people with autism and mental health issues, I too suffer with mental health issues, and I have created an environment where anybody can feel welcome and included. Whether it is in my Discord Community, or within one of my two Youtube channels, or my social media pages, I will not stand for toxicity towards another person. Many have tried and tested me on this since November 2017 and many have failed. This community and my channels will forever be a place where people can come together and get along without there being any toxicity. The results of this stance speaks volumes with the feedback that I recieve and the friendships that have been created. 

I will finish off with a bit about the me behind the image. My name is Steve and I currently work for a care company as their payroll guy. I miss support work but the job really does suit being a video games content creator as well. I am from Chester, England but live across the border in Wales. I am engaged to the most perfect person called Kelly, she pops in stream from time to time, and we have the most perfect daughter called Harlow (Named after Joel Maddens daughter) who is two years old. Gaming is a huge passion of mine but so is music, I go to far too many music festivals and gigs but I will never change, I couldn’t imagine life without music. I am big Manchester United supporter too and have always dreamed about travelling the world to see amazing places, especially in the USA. In the future I want to be a full time video games content creator and continue to provide for my family, I dream everyday about the prospect of this and the ideas that I could try given more time. 

If you have read this far, Thank you! I will update this page ever few months and it can become a sort of wiki on me I guess. Below are all my links if you are reading this and are interested, see you in the community;

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