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8k Subscribers; We have just hit 8000 subscribers on my GCROCK channel, this comes shortly after The Second Wave channel hit its 600 subscriber landmark. I am writing this blog to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports this and keeps these numbers rising on a daily basis. In the last 28 days alone, my GCROCK channel has grown by over 1120 new subscribers. It comes at a time where The Division 2 community is divided and a lot of people making the noises are spreading how the game is dead and done for.

I don’t like getting too involved in the politics but I do want to share my story. Back when I started Youtube late 2017 I heard “The Division is dead”. “The game is ruined”, “the developers don’t know what they were doing”. In 12 months I had 2000 subs. Come March 2018, there were Youtubers boycotting The Division 2, I heard “The Division 2 will fail” countless times but soon after the release these Youtubers were on the game and we were celebrating 4k subs and starting to grow our community.

Today we sit at 8000 Subs with still 2 months to go before the channel turns 2. The community is well over 2k members strong, and the noises are louder than ever, “The Division 2 is dead”, “The game is ruined”, “The developers don’t know what they are doing”. We haven’t done bad for a channel and a community that have been playing dead and buried games.

What I am trying to say is this, I love The Division, I love the people I have met, I enjoy playing this game with you all and creating the memories that we can take away, and most of all I love that everyday people are linking up in a community that we have made to enjoy a game that they choose to play. I have learned that we will always be faced with these loud negative noises, but they will always be overshadowed by our passion for the game. I thank the developers for the game that this is becoming and I cant wait to go through all the new content with you. TU6 won’t be for everyone, nor will TU7 but I promise that I have seen enough to see this game through to the end and beyond and I am confident we will keep on growing and make even more memories as a community.

Thank you for 8000 subscribers! The next goal is 10k before 2020. See you all in stream!


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